Sunday, June 21, 2009

A couple of good men

There are GOOD MEN OUT THERE......

these two are an example of GOOD MEN....

MY daddy is a very good example of a good father. My dad spoiled us kids rotten. But was stern and strict. I used to hate that, but now I am grateful. Being a parent, I appreciate my up bringing. PAPA DIDN'T TAKE NO MESS! He demanded his respect and didn't settle for anything else. We knew we couldn't pull it with DADDY! He still don't play! LOL

He spoils his grandkids rotten, but will get on them too, if need be! LOL
I love my dad. I am a daddy's girl at heart! I can get anything from my daddy. Mommy knows that too! I love being the baby girl and I thank God for my dad!!!!!!!!!

Baptiste is such a wonderful FATHER, HUSBAND, PROVIDER, a God fearing good man...
and he is such a doting father...

He works like a Hebrew slave and still manages to take time with the kids!
He even counts me out sometimes and will just take the kids and go!
I love watching him interact with our children...

They love him sooooo much and his love for them just exudes from every orifice of his being!
I am so blessed and so are my children!
It's amazing to me how great a father he is, being that his father died when he was only 8 months old. He never had a father figure in his life.

We were only 18 years old when my oldest child was born and he NEVER once ran from his RESPONISIBLITIES as a father. He was with me 250% of the way! Whew, I am getting emotional talking about it. I love this man with my WHOLE HEART and I THANK GOD FOR HIM!!!!
I am blessed to have these two wonderful men in my life and I thank God for them both!
Happy Father's day daddy and Baptiste!!!!!!!!

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