Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Things I despise....

1. Liars: My mama always said if you Lie, you steal, if you steal you kill.......I hate a liar!
2. A thief.....you can ask me for anything, but if you steal from me, I will cut off your fingers!

3. Elisabitch on the view.....I cannnnnnnnnnnnot stand this heffa. Everything about her irritates me! Her whiny ass voice. Her Obama bashing! Kill your self! please!
4. People who exaggerate! Oh my God that pisses me off! Just tell it like it is.....My inlaws have that shit bad! They have to make shit bigger than what it already is.......Ugh! i hate it!

5. Cry baby ass kids.....Ugh that drives me nuts! I have one in my house and her name is Jaree~
6. People who talk crap about things they know nothing about.....SHUT UP....
7. People who talk shit behind my back, but SMILE ALL UP IN MY FACE...I have NO RESPECT FOR PHONY BITCHES!

OOOOO, I can go on and on, but those 7 are at the top!

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