Tuesday, June 21, 2011

3 films

3 films, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this was so Hard, because I am a movie buff!!!! Growing up we always went to the movies as a family and also the drive in and now me and my family do the exact same thing!!!!! In fact the kids are looking forward to seeing the Transformers 3 in Imax 3d, this weekend!

The first film is the Color Purple! Come on now, did you not think this wasn't going to make the cut!!!! This is one of the best movies ever made ....... I Know this movie back and forth! In fact, my cousins will sit up all day and quote movie scenes from this movie! Like "Sattin at jail, Sattin at jail til I done near bout rot to death, I wanna thank you Miss Celie for everything you done for me, I memba that day I was in the sto with Miss Milly, I was feelin real down, I was feelin might baaaad, but then I see'd you and I knows there is a God-t, I know'd there is a God-t..... can you finish the quote???? LOL

My second movie has to be The Green Mile, I love this movie ....I cried my eyes out when they killed John Koffey, like the drank, but not spelled the same! But for the most part, I laughed Especially when they threw Wild Bill in Hole and he said "All I wanted was me a lil cornbread, you motherfuckers, all I wanted was me a little cornbread" Lmao! !!!! We laugh everytime that part comes on!!!!!!!

Last but not least is Life.............enjoy the clip enough said........

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