Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My head is spinning

So much has happened since the last time I blogged. I found out I have diabetes, my cousin Tamiko died at the young age of 28, and June 6th was the one year annivearsary of my father's passsing. Oh, and I became a great aunt! LOL

When I found out I had diabetes, I was DEVASTATED .... I cried, and cried, and cried! You would have thought they told me I had a week to live. Then I thought about it, this is something I CAN CHANGE! I DON'T HAVE TO LIVE WITH THIS...with diet and exercise this can be beat. And so far, I have not done anything drastic and my bsl has been in the 90's!!!! Which is good! Made me even wonder if I had it in the first place .... The doctor already lowered my meds and told me to keep up the good work!

Then, I find out my cousin passed. This knocked me flat on my ass! When someone dies unexpectedly and when they are so young, it is mind boggling! She didn't have any health problems, but she did do a lot of things right before she passed, that has me wondering if she knew.... She even purchased a dress and said, this will be perfect for Saturday, she bought that dress the day before she died, and she wore that dress Saturday, just like she said, for her own funeral .. If you knew her, you would love her! She never met a stranger. she made a friend every where she went! Makes me sad! She left behind her husband Jamar and her 4 year old daughter BK (Brooklyn). My family was devastated by her passing. We still don't have closure, because the cause of her death is still unknown, pending autopsy results. You just never know when your time is up! That is why I TRY my best to live right.

On June 6th, it was hard of me to get out of the bed, everyone went to the cemetery, but I just COULD NOT.....I cried most of the day and night! You guys have NO IDEA, how much I miss my father . I was a daddy's girl to my heart. My dad and I were very close! I talked to him every single day and I am not ashamed to say he spoiled my ass rotten, even as a grown woman, up until he took his last breath!!!! My kids loved him so much! There is not a second that goes by, that I don't think about him! I still break down.... getting choked up right now, but I know he is with God and I will see him again one day!

I recently became a great aunt! My niece Khadejah had a beautiful baby girl! I have mixed emotions, but a baby is a blessing and I love her already! I was pissed off at first, because she had so much going for herself, but hey she still can get her education I am going to help her all I can! I had fun shopping for her! I went crazy in Babies R Us, I am ashamed to say how much I spent! Baptiste was looking at me like I lost my mind! LOL But, we needed some happiness amidst all the sadness that was happening.

They say what does not kill you, makes you stronger, and I can honestly say I am such a stronger person t han I once was.....

Until next time

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