Friday, November 18, 2011

One of the scariest things...

is something happening to your child and you have no control over it!
Thursday, Jariel was rushed to the hospital for chest pains and pain in his shoulder and arm! I was at my computer tuning in to 12kyle radio and all of a sudden I heard Jariel say OHHHHHHH, then he said OHHHHHHHHHHH again, and to be honest I thought he was just acting silly, so I turned around and he was face down on my bed clenching his chest with tears in his eyes....WHEN I TELL YOU I WAS SCARED TO DEATH, i mean it, instead of calling the ambulance, i got in the car and hit 100 all the way to the ER! I blew through stop lights and stops signs and thank God we made it to the hospital in one piece!

They immediately too him to back! The hooked him up to all kinds of machines and I WAS HYSTERICAL....I totally lost it!!!! I THOUGHT MY CHILD WAS HAVING A HEART ATTACK....I felt so HELPLESS.....I was by myself me and Jaree for about 5 minutes before my mom Got there! Jaree was crying hysterically and so was I!!!! He was short of breath, it was TOTAL CHAOS! THEN A CALM CAME OVER ME, I didn't want Jariel to feed off of my energy so I shook the tears off and kept telling him he was ok!

Turns out Jariel has a SEVERE CASE OF CELLULITIS! I am upset about this too, because it seems it came from dirty mats from Wrestling! Jariel got a scratch, no bigger than a mosquito bite and it got severely infected! So much so that he has inflammation around his heart lining, which caused this severe pain in his chest!!!

He is now in the hospital and has to get intense IV antibiotics! We probably won't be released until Monday, because he has to get 3 or 4 doses every 12 hours!

He has been in so much pain and I HATE SEEING MY BABY SUFFER!

I have only felt this way a few other times, the first time Jaree had a seizure, when Jaree almost died in 2006 from a grand mal seizure, and when Baptiste cousin panicked and almost drowned Jariel at the beach!!!!

That is the WORST FEELING in the world!!!!!!!!!

Please keep Jariel in your prayers!!!!!! This has not been easy on any of us!

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Monique said...

Oh man. I'm so glad he's ok though. Sheesh! You just never know these days and you can never be too careful.