Monday, November 28, 2011

What's on your Christmas List???

I have been a good girl (for the most part) and I think Santa should consider some of these gifts for Christmas this year! I have been wanting a new camera from quite some time and I have my eye on this camera right here! It's a Cannon Rebel T3i. I want to venture out into the DSLR instead of my high end Point and Shoot with Manual capabilities!

The next thing on my list is the Epson SP 1400 Photo Printer! It can print up to 13 x44! Perfect for scrapbooking!!!!!

I know you are thinking why does she have two cameras on her Christmas list.....welll let me explain below...
I have become really huge on smash books and mini books (Scrapbooking) which calls for smaller scale pictures! The pictures come out the size of a credit card with white thick border at bottom to write notes! How ingenious! And it's INSTANT! How freaking cool is that! and look at the design on that bad boy! Sleek and sexy!!!

I would be happy with either of these for Christmas! But if I get all 3, it would be the Best Christmas ever! LOL

Somebody email this to Santa for me! LOL
Welp, that's all for me! What's on your Christmas list this year?


Adrienne said...

Great list! I have the Espon 6400 (I think that's it) and Its a big format printer. It's collecting dust lol. I need to use it.
That little camera is CUTE!

Brown English Muffin said...

ooooooh I do hope you get all three...I really do!