Thursday, December 01, 2011

This is the first time ever....


This year I wasn't really feeling it, if I am being honest!
Most of my Christmas shopping was done ONLINE! Which is so UNLIKE ME! I love being out in the hustle and bustle. I am just in a funk! I think it's harder for me this year, than last year not having my dad. If you can believe that!

I did get a little HAPPY when I went in KMART and TARGET, I was looking at all the Christmas Decorations and they had the Christmas music playing, so I felt happy about that!

I am completely done with my children! Which feels strange! I have reached their budgets, but I get the urge to go out and get them more every now and again! LOL

they always have a great Christmas THANK GOD!!!!!! For blessing us with the means to be able to indulge our kids in SOME of their wants! So many are less fortunate!

I STILL HAVE TO VENTURE OUT TO THE MALL....for Gift cards! Ughhhh!
My niece Aaliyah loves Forever 21
My nephew Aaron loves Hollister
My brothers kids are getting gift cards too, just don't know where?
I do believe I am getting my nephew Nas a Toys R Us gift card, he's 7!
The girls maybe CLAIRES....
My mom's gift is ordered!

and that's all! Baptiste and I don't exchange gifts until NEW YEARS! It's our little traditon! It's like having Christmas all over again!

But of course he wants a projection machine for video dj'ing! NERD! LOL

BUT, I wonder what he got me! I had 3 things on my list! I'm almost sure he didn't get one of those things, but I think he may have got me 2 gifts! He's been acting really strange, which means he has hidden it somewhere! but I won't peak! I like to be surprised! LOL

Again, for me it FEELS odd being done this early! I almost feel like I have NOTHING TO DO! LOL

I am not going to get the gift cards until next week! Then maybe I will experience a little HUSTLE AND BUSTLE....

Are you done with your Christmas Shopping? Have you even started? LOL

Oh and I already got MY SECRET SANTA PARTNERS PRESENT, gonna mail it this weekend! wohoooooooo! I hope she likes it, but I think I know her style! So I think she will love it!

Well that's all I have! I am trying to get back into this blogging thing!
but twitter, pinterest, and tumblr are DISTRACTIONS!!!! LOL


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Monique said...

the only gift I have bought is for my dad and that was a book about the Making of James Bond. He's a James Bond stan and I know he will love it. I haven't started on anyone else. quite frankly, I'll probably make gifts this year.