Saturday, December 03, 2011

Craziness and Insanity

Have you ever had a day that just kept getting progressively getting worse and worse....

Well that was me yesterday!

First, I got a call from my mom, saying that all the money in one of her checking accounts was missing, and my mom has had fraud done on her before and I just cringed! Turns out, mom wasn't paying close attention to her account and that she was over doing it a bit! Kind of worries me because Alzheimer's Disease runs in our family! My grandmother, her twin brother, another one of her brother's and her sister all have been diagnosed! And my mom, is starting to do things to make me raise my eyebrows!

The second thing that happened is that Baptiste and I got into a huge argument yesterday, HE PISSED ME OFF SO BAD, until I wanted to just SMACK HIM! SERIOUSLY! So, I just left and went shopping......WITH MY MOM OF ALL PEOPLE.....

While I am shopping with my mom shopping, B (my oldest son) calls me upset, saying that my brother was talking about him and his sister, as well as mom LIKE a dog! AND things that were said, HAD TO BE SAID, because there is NO WAY OF the person knowing if THEY WEREN'T SAID.....hope that made sense! However, I don't play about my kids, he talked about B and Jaree like a dog, and if you don't like my kids.....FUCK YOU! And that's in black and white! I don't LOVE ANYONE ON THIS EARTH, better than I do MY OWN KIDS! Are you insane? Did you think that would fly with me? So I have NO USE FOR HIM OR HIS RAGGEDY MOUTH WIFE! And I was going to get his kids something for Christmas, EVEN THOUGH I KNOW THEY WEREN'T GIVING MY KIDS SHIT! but I am not even doing that! HE PISSED ME OFF, just that bad!

While I am on the phone with B, his boss calls, and he accidentally made it a conference call! She says "Jacques (B's gubment name) I understand you were in my drawer today, and I can't have that, if we are short, I am HOLDING YOU ACCOUNTABLE, and I want you to fully understand that" So B said "Well is the drawer short" she said "no" and he said "well check the drawer, if it's short, then call me back and we'll go from there, but I don't understand why you are calling me if you haven't even checked the drawer" He told her he needed change, and the other manager was being a butthole and not getting it for him, so he's a manager himself and he got the change! He made her look so stupid, AND JUST TO LET YOU KNOW, she wasn't short! But that pissed me off, took everything in me not to get involved in that! He's 19, very much a man, but he's still my baby! LOL

Then, I check my email and it's Jariel's chemistry teacher, telling me that Jariel is not showing interest in her class, and that he has work missing from the 17th to 23rd.....and I thought to myself, is SHE INSANE, Jariel was in the hospital during that time! I spoke to the counselors at that school and they told me that Jariel would have ample time to complete the work, He just went back to school last Monday! That pissed me off so bad! Where was the communication, I did my job as a parent, I contacted the school, I spoke to his counselor, I put in a homework request, and I am helping my child complete it! Why wasn't this relayed to the teacher????? So you know where I will be bright and early on Monday!

Then I come home and by now my temperature is BOILING.....and I see a white car in my drive way! I am thinking who is this? It was my cousin Lattaniah, at this point, I don't want to be bothered! Plus, I hate when people show up to my house UNINVITED....I think it's RUDE! But, once I got in, I ended up having a great time.....

but, then ....MY MOM CALLED....and said that there were police cars everywhere, with a bunch of ambulances, and while we were on the phone, I heard 3 big booms, like GUNSHOTS, I was scared to death and so was Lattaniah!!! She ended up staying here all night!

We had a murder/kidnapping just on Monday, where I live and the same day someone broke in B's car and stole his wallet, his ipod touch, and his girlfriend's purse!!!! So, I hope this isn't a sign that it's getting bad in Lynwoood. This is a quiet city for the most part, but this has really unnerved me! and it doesn't help that Baptiste works nights now....4 days on....4 days off! Just scary! So keep our family lifted and covered in the blood!

Love you all....
Until next time

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Monique said...

Be careful girl. Folks are crazy this time of year.