Friday, April 13, 2012

It's official! I'm a smash addict

 Love this page, because it's all about my favorite shows!
 Do you dig the hidden journaling underneath! And Jason, Eric, and Bill look mmmmm mmmm good! Don't they? Yes, I'm a TRUBIE!
 This was  a very fun page to make!
 I love this one too!
And this was funny! All I do is pin, see the little clothespins holding my pinterest boards on the book....

Well if you were wondering where I been and what I am doing, this is it! I am totally addicted!!!!!!
Here are all 12 smashbooks! I told you I was addicted! Had to have them all, JUST LIKE POKEMON! Heads up! If you are interested, head over to Michaels, they have all 12 and you can use your coupons! if not Target has the old line and you can always go to ARchivers or your local scrapbook store! but if that fails! Check online! LOL I guarantee you, you will be addicted just like I am now!

Now get off the computer and GET YOUR SMASH ON!

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Monique said...

You have to enlighten me: what is smash?