Friday, January 09, 2009

It's Friday Baby

And you know what that means!!!!
Old School Friday!

I chose this because I am in love with this man!!! I mean I have a grown up crush on this man!

And who doesn't love "You're jingling baby"

This is the sexiest man alive!!!!!!

Today I am going to see the Unborn!!!
Yes, Adrienne you heard right!

I have been awaiting this movie since the previews at the Twilight movie.

Going with a few friends!

Then we are going to grab a bite to eat.
No drinks for me, I am on meds.

But come next week, it's on and popping.

Have a safe and fun filled weekend!



Sherri said...

You've got some good looking kiddos there! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Adrienne said...

Girl you can keep that unborn shit. HELL NO! LOL

Noelia said...

First of all, love the new avatar!
I'd love to see The Unborn but hubbs is not into horror flicks :(

Veroncia said...

I picked this one for my first wayback Wednesday post. This is my favorite LL song.

Unborn? Not me. I would have nightmares until Jesus calls me home.