Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Friday baby!

Gotta love my mom, she took Jaree to get her hair done yesterday! Jaree's hair broke off really bad and I have been sending her to the shop to get treatments so that her hair can be healthy. It's grown out a lot. We cut off all the damaged hair, and it's been growing like weeds. She literally had NO HAIR on the left hand side. No more micro braids for Jaree, if so, she can only wear them for 6 weeks and not 3 months. I can't see myself paying $300 for only 6 weeks, so she won't be getting them any more. Her hair is to fine for it.

Just like a WOMAN, you know you get that NEW ATTITUDE when you get a NEW DUE!

It's hard to believe this girl is only 9. She is developing so fast.

Yes, she is something else!!!! Can you tell?

Look what my mommy bought me!!!! I have been wanting these ladder shelves for my scraproom for the longest time! And guess what mommy brings over yesterday. Yes, I am spoiled and Proud of it!!!! LOL

Went to ARchiver's! Why? I don't know! I don't NEED SHIT ELSE (says Adrienne)! but these were so cute had to get!

Look at those cute pins by MM!!!! The new Love Notes Collection!

My faves from what I bought!

And this is everything I bought! LOL
Archiver's is finally carrying HAMBLY, but they so need to upgrade their collection and get the new stuff and the rubons I want!

And you know what it means! It's time to Throw it back. Before Tupac and Biggie, Before Jay-Z and Nas, there was Rakim!!! One of the greatest AND FORGOTTEN rappers of our time. A master lyricist. I loved this group when i was growing up. He is truly one of GREATS, and does not get his due!

I love paid in full!!!

Today Baptiste and I are going to see Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. He really wants to see this movie. It's like an action, type of horror! Which is all good with me.

Can't wait!

That's all folkes. I have rambled enough!


Adrienne said...

See now what you NEED to do is get me some of those pins! I am ADDICTED to them! I have a ton of the older ones but I WANT THOSE....gotta see if I can find them online. ENABLER!

Adrienne said...

And you KNOW you don't need shit else! LOL

That is all.

Benita said...

Looks like you got some great stuff! Thanks for enabling :) So sorry to hear about your dd's hair :( Glad to hear it's growing out fast!

Linnao said...

your girl is cute! she sure doesn't look 9yo, very true! Love all the goodies!!

Freaky Deaky said...

Your daughter kind of resembles my sister when she was her age. She was an early bloomer as well.

If anyone isn't proud of being spoiled then I'll take his/her place. LOL.

Have a good weekend.