Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Monday!

Warning, this post is all over the place.  Because my mind is all over the place!

First off, I had a blast Saturday!  My sister Tracy and I gave my mom a 65th birthday celebration and it TURNED OUT GREAT!!!  But, I am TIRED AS HELL.  My mom is a SLAVE DRIVER.  I got my DRANK ON.   At one point, my dad was looking at me CROSSED EYED, or maybe I was so tipsy, I was cross eyed, but any hoo, you get the point.  I was FUGGED UP! LOL

Of course Baptiste was the dj, and man I got my dance on!!!!!! 
All the kids love me, because I can do every single thing they do!  They are so amazed.  Look kids 34 AIN'T OLD.   I can still drop it like it's hot!  Shit, how you think you GOT HERE.   Do you think mama was dropping it like it was COLD....LOL

OK, yes, I am in a silly mood!  It happens once I snap out my depression!

That's another thing, I have vowed NOT TO LET ANYONE OR ANYTHING get me down.  I have this FUCK IT attitude.   I just have to let shit go, because life is TOO DAMN SHORT FOR BULLSHIT!   

Ok, moving right along:

I have a potential buyer for the house! But they are getting a VA loan, and the gov't does SHIT ON THEIR own time!!!! I hope to be out of here by JUNE 1ST!   We have a wonderful realtor, we love you CArla,  and she got my house appraised for way more than what we thought, the girl is a miracle worker.   ATLEAST, we are not upside down, and have some equity in the house, we were considering just renting it out, but I don't want to pay these ridiculously high taxes over here.   

As for us, WE HAVE FOUND NOTHING, well nothing in Stone, we are looking!!!!!   I am definitely going to take my time and find the RIGHT HOUSE in A NICE NEIGHBORHOOD, with a good SCHOOL.    I didn't consider any of those things when I bought this house.  I was just so happy to OWN A HOME, my mistake, I HAVE LEARNED FROM IT, moving forward......

It has been NOTHING BUT crazy weather in Chicago....HOT, COLD, HOT, COLD....COLD, HOT,COLD, HOT, the weather is BIPOLAR in the midwest!!!! LOL

Switching lanes here, I was watching the view,  really listening, and I hate DISCUSSING RELIGION, I really do.  Some people are really combative about their beliefs, so STEER clear from those types of conversations.  I am a CHRISTIAN, I don't apologize for it, I believe in GOD, and that is that......END OF DISCUSSION!

In other news, I have not scrapbooked, but when I was on a roll I completed so many projects, that I did not share!!! I have so much on my TO DO LIST, it's not even funny!!!!! 

My scrapbook supplies, is the LAST thing I pack.  Like the day I move pack, because it travels with me!  It's the computer, the flat screen, the pets, and my scrapbook supplies!  LOL
I have been clearing my expedit off and boxing stuff up, but they are not sealed, and I can go in it and get whatever I want out of it.  I need to go by the post office and start getting some priority boxes.  I put my paper in those!

I am so behind in my reading....
I am behind in laundry....
I am behind in my tv programs....

Ugh, I have to get it together yall!!!!

I have been having so many pity parties, until I have not had much chance for anything else.
I have cried an OCEAN, but I am good now.....

It's over with, now it's time to pick myself up and keep it moving...

It is hard, when you know you made THE WORST MISTAKE of your life,  I just thank God, I don't have anybody saying I TOLD YA SO!!!!! I beat myself up enough!!!!!  I knew this neighbor hood was questionable when I moved in......YES I DID!   I just thought if I kept to myself, and kept my children busy, we would BE OKAY.  And we were, at FIRST, but it's not like that now.   Knowing that I made a mistake, that put my children at RISK, is heartbreaking for me.   But you know what, I am rectifying it now!  I just wanted MY OWN!   I was TIRED OF RENTING.  I wanted something that was DANA'S AND BAPTISTE'S!  ANY WAY....

We will be buying again, thank God, it's a buyer's market!  But, we will take our time and research, before buying.  We have our eye on a 3 houses in particular, put us in a higher mortgage, but hey gotta do what you gotta do!  It's not going to kill us,  we live GOOD.  Thank God for that!   We hope to be in our home by August, before the kids go back to school.  Depending on how quickly we get everything from this house!  

I plan on getting my RELAX ON, after I get my clean on!!!!!  Now that I got mom out of the way, things are some what back to normal.  I got so much to do.  So little time......Story of my life!!!!

Well, this post is getting extra long, and extra RANDOM......
so until next time!!!!!


Insatiable One said...

hell yea this post is all over the place but it doesn't matter. you do you, boo. LOL I'm glad to see your in better spirits. we all have our dark days; deal with it and move on.

So where are the pictures from the party? Sounds like it was a great time.

toni said...

I'm so glad that things are on the upswing & I will keep my fingers crossed that the buyer comes through!
I'm thankful that you & Baptiste are in a position to be able to rectify the situation.
I know what you mean about religion. At work, we are not allowed to discuss politics & religion, 'cause we have a lot of books on a lot of different ways of thinking up in there! But people always want to come in there and debate & try to make you think/worship like them. I just smile & nod! LOL