Thursday, August 16, 2007

Crazy car, crazy husband, and crazy son makes Dana very crazy...

Well that was a crazy title.....LOL

First off, My oldest started school yesterday. Can you believe he is a Sophmore? That's one down and 2 more to go...LOL Anyways, I took him shopping yesterday, and he didn't see a thing he liked. We went to three different store, A J Wright, Burlington Coat Factory, and Value City. I was so mad I could spit. But that wasn't the worst of it. Earlier that day, I had picked Bee up from school. He started walking towards the car with his best friend NIcK, Nick rides the bus, so that means Nick missed his bus and guess who they want to drive him home.....ME. ON the way to NIcks house, I hit a pothole, flatten my tire and bend the rim. You know I was mad, because I really didn't want to take Nick home anyway, and in the process I get a flat tire. I go to the neighbors to use the air compressor, that is when I find out I messed up the rim. Now I am livid. I try to start the car to check the time, I am turning the key but nothing happens, not even a sound.

I was home all day cleaning, so I hadn't even had a chance to shower, so I felt so nasty. I had to go in Nick house to use the phone. His mom and mY friend Denise insists I stay inside with her. I told her Denise, i have been cleaning all day and I haven't even showered, and she says well that makes two of, I have been cleaning all day and haven't showered either. I call Dh, who acted a COMPLETE ASS! I won't even go all into it, but he pissed me off so bad, that I am put him ON MUTE ALL DAY TODAY AND YESTERDAY.... Make a long story short, he just dropped the tire off and told BEE to fix it. Bee has never fixed a tire in his life, luckily Ed Denise's neighbor came out and taught the boys how to fix a tire. Nick jacked the car up and Bee removed the tire and put the new tire on, and Ed refused to let the boys tighten the lug nuts. Denise and I did have a good time chatting!

Luckily the car starts, by this time its 6 oclock. The kids are starving and I have a dead lizard in the car that the flies want! I took the Lizard to the store to get a new one, took the kids to Taco Bell, came home to drop the lizard off, and car won't start again... I go inside for awhile comeback to the car and it starts, took a chance to take Bee shopping and we go to Value City and the plan was to leave the car running....but I am so used to taking the keys out of the ignition that I turned the car off, got out of value city and guess what? Car won't start. I figured it just needed some time, so we walked across to Burlington and Aj Wright and come back an hour later, CAR STILL WON'T START. I didn't even want to call Baptiste, but after almost an hour and half, I had called him and you guessed he turned into the ASSINATOR.....the kids were thirsty, so I gave them money to walk to Dominicks which was one lot over.....I just put my hands on the steerring wheel and BAWLED! I decided to give the car one last try and it STARTED! GRABBED THE KIDS, called dh and hoppend on the e-way came home. Got home took the key out, had my neighbor who is a mechanic come and look at it and the car starts back up. It wasn't doing it anymore. Went to the car to take Bee to school this morning and it started. I don't know if I knocked something loose or what, but its been working fine. I am still going to get it looked at.

but that was my wild and crazy day yesterday!

Hope I get a better start today......LOL



BonnieRose said...

that was crazy! yikes gf....

Brown English Muffin said...

what a day from hell!!!!