Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The kids are all in school and guess what I have been doing? READING!!!! I have been taking some time for Dana and getting back into my reading. I miss my babies, but time goes by so fast, before you know it their home.

Last time I blogged, we had some pretty horrible storms, I mean horrible. I think we may have even had a tornado. The winds were so strong, that it just anhihilated my patio furniture. The sirens went off, the kids were outside walking the dog when the sirens went off...It turned a really funny orangish color outside and we had some pretty strong winds and hail. We ran in the basement and I thought the windows were going to break. You literally felt the house shaking.... Jaree was hysterical! It lasted for like 45 minutes and then it stopped. Later that night we had more thunderstorms so it was horrible. The power was out for like 8 hours...It was hot and miserable....

Dh celebrated his 33rd birthday on Friday. We went out to Pappadeux's and ate ourselves into an OBLIVION.

He has been on vacation, so he has been keeping me occupied. Instert develish grin! LOL

Yesterday, we had a carbon monoxide scare.. I was cooking and the CO detector went off. REplaced batteries it kept going off. Called the fire dept and we had to evacuate, because the levels were 50. We had to evacacuate until Nicor Gas arrived. When they arrived the levels were 0. I guess it was from cooking. We were taking no chances. The kids were sleepy because we were out of the house until 12 midnight. Talk about a crazy vacation dh has had.....LOL

How are all you doing???

HOpe all is well

Until next time


Adrienne said...

I was thinking about buying some books! Isn't it great when they are gone!?!? House all quiet and stuff! LOL

BonnieRose said...

I am doing great gf. today is my last day at the sb store.. looking forward to bigger and better things.. just catch up on my blog... missed ya gf, and happybelated bday to your dear hubby! hugs