Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Been having a blast

Labor day weekend was a blast, we ate so much, I felt like Violet on Willie Wonka and the Chocholate Factory. LOL We went to a. bbq with friends, then my dad had a company picnic, the kids had a blast! Then I cooked too. I cooked ribs, steak, chicken wings, chicken legs, hot link, turkey legs, and hot dogs. I cooked baked beans, dirty rice, potato salad, spaghetti, corn on the cob, and 7 layer salad. I was dog tired, but we sure ate good. Dh did all the grilling, I just marinated and seasoned the meat.

My nephew Marion is so hilarious. He told us we got our turkey legs off of Ebaby from the Flinstones.....It was soooooooooo funny. YOu had to be there.

Lately I have been doing a lot of soul searching and thinking, about the choices I have made, One being this house....I love the house, but the neighborhood is not all what its cracked up to be. I mean the kids are super mean, my kids constantly getting into it .....I mean everyday, its something. I Love the house, but am not happy with the neighborhood. I keep telling myself winter will be here soon and all will settle down, but what will happen when summer arrives again? I am going to give it some time, but I am growing very unhappy.

Other than that, I have 2 really good set of neighbors! Whom we really get along with good and they feel the same exact way. I am hoping things will get better and soon. If not this house will be on the market and I will be researching my next neighborhood....LOL

ON a brighter note, I am now used to the kids being in school. I love the me time that I have. I have been reading, reading, reading and writing, writing, writing....soon I will be scrapping, scrapping, scrapping.....LOL

I am looking forward to summers end, and welcoming FAll. Which is truly my favorite time of the year! Cooler days! Longer nights! Fun, Fun, Fun....LOL

Well, I have to go and break up a fight between Bonnie and Clyde, seems they are arguing over LOTION.....those two kids.....LOL


Adrienne said...

Glad you are having a good time girl me time is the greatest. Hopefully things will settle down in your neighboorhood soon.

BonnieRose said...

welcome back gf.. i've missed u... glad ur enjoying ur days... fall time is the best!

CircesMagic said...

Sounds like great fun was had by all....I understand what you are talking about with your house and the neighborhood...we moved from NYC to have a better life/education for our girls. They truly love it here and within the first few days voiced to us that "We NEVER want to go back to NY!" You'll know when the time is right.