Friday, September 07, 2007

Hey Hey, It's Friday!!

Wow, this week sure went by fast! Now its time to relax, NOT! I have such a busy weekend. Today, we are going out with my nephew Pluke (not his real name, his name is Parrish, but its his nickname, in case anyone was wondering...LOL)he is moving to Las Vegas, sin city baby! He leaves Sunday, I am going to be sooooo sad ! Pluke is like our own. Saturday, I have to take Jariel to his 3 on 3 tournament, and then we are going to CCHIlls fest. From there I am going to my sil's baby shower, come home take a quick power nap, before I head to my favorite cousin Cherrones, 28th birthday celebration. I am going to be so toasted, because my cousins are such bad influences.....LOL

Sunday, I will be RESTING.....Don't have anything plan, might swing by parent's house for a little bit, but nothing big.

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything big?

Dh is off for two days, today and tommorrow, so I might be held hostage for awhile. I will try to post! LOL

Gotta run!

cya soon


toners said...

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Adrienne said...

Have a great weekend!!! I don't have much planned! Just the norm! LOL