Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I am so tired.....

....so I decided to help a friend out and babysit her son for 4 hours every morning from 8-12. He is a HANDFUL YALL let me tell you. He is so busy. He's 4. She pays me well, but I earn every penny kwim? I need to get in bed earlier and then I will be alright. LOL

We had a great weekend. Friday was Jariel's birthday we went to Hamada House of Japan and ate ourselves into a coma. I love their food. We took him shopping for a brand new trick bike and he's in seven heaven.....LOL

Saturday, we went to a our neighbors relatives housewarming. It was really nice. We ate well. Played cards, I had to open up a can of whoop ass on the spades table. Dh and I were the reigning champions.....some how, no one ever seems to beat us. WE'RE GOOD! LOL

Sunday, we chilled, I cooked a huge dinner, POT ROAST, BAKED MACARONI AND CHEESE, SPECKLED BUTTER BEANS WITH HAMHOCKS, and CORN BREAD. We watched television and played a little bean bags, just chilled, nothing major.

Today, nothing big planned. Just cleaning my closet. Getting things in order...

Today's challenge on twopeas, was what do you do when you are stressed?

When I am stressed, I put on pot of hot water, have some tea, take a steam bath, and meditate. I try not to let myself get too stressed, but when the moment arrives, it's nothing hot tea and ahot bath won't cure. What are your destressing methods???



Adrienne said...

Girl you made me want roast!!! lol I normally do SOMETHING crafty to de-stress. Works like a charm every time!

Noelia said...


All I got to say it YUM! I wish I was your neighbour ;)
Good luck with the babysitting. I have my 3 year-old with me all day and he's quite the busy little man.