Wednesday, August 08, 2007


After months of being out of commission, Dell finally helped me fix my NOTEBOOK. I had been using dh's macbook, and he wasn't always willing to share....LOL So I had to get if fixed. I was on the phone 3 hours trying to figure out what was going on with my computer. My wireless network was not working.... They had me do a gazillion things trying to trouble shoot and I got so mad..... Also every one who works for Dell Technical Support, can hardly speak I found myself saying "I'm sorry can you repeat that"....until finally I blew a gasket, called back and talked to someone who spoke English CLEARLY....How the hell are you going to let someone work for you that deals with primarily customers in the US, not speak CLEAR English? By this time I am LIVID....

Finally, I get someone who speaks English and helps me fix the problem partially. You did get the PARTIALLY PART RIGHT?

He did get the wireless network connected, but it still was not connecting to the internet, kept getting an error message....after about 25 minutes, both the technichian and I threw in the towel....we were OBVIOUSLY DEFEATED right? He gave me the "CONTACT YOUR INTERNET PROVIDER".

What in the world could Comcast do to fix the problem. It was an internal error, which finally was fixed, but now we had problems with the router.....

So what did I do?

A. Did I slam the computer against the wall and scream like a crazy lady?
B. Did I call Comcast and ask them questions, for which I know they had no answers?
or C. Did I calm myself down with a nice glass of lemonade, take a walk, come back home and try one last idea...

Well, if you picked A, you are not far off, because I came really close to throwing the computer against the wall and screaming like a crazy lady, however I thought C would be more beneficial to me. I decided that I would reset both the modem and router and turn the computers off. I turned them back on and computer if fixed. See what you can do when you put your mind to it....LOL

I was stressing over this stupid computer and finally I got it fixed!

So what's been going on with me, nothing much. Just trying to get these kids in order for school Bee starts next week and Jariel and Jaree start in 2 weeks. Time seemed to fly by.....Can't believe summer is almost over....makes me want to cry!!!

We have been getting a lot of storms here too. WE even had a tornado warning today, luckily it all blew over! The kids were little troopers, they were showing me where we could go if a tornado was to come. Ms. Jaree even showed me how to protect my head.....These kids are too flippin smart.

WEll, I am sleepy as all get out, had to get up early to go register Bee for school now I am dog tired....

Until next time



Adrienne said...

WOW! Glad you got it fixed!!! MY KIDS WENT TO SCHOOL TODAY!!!!!

BonnieRose said...

Glad ur back and connected.. I 've missed u.. hugs... so glad ur back!

DellCAJohn said...


I work at Dell headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, and ran across your blog. I apologize that you dind't have the best experience with our technical support, but I'm glad you didn't choose A, and that choice C was a winner.

If you have any further problems with this, please feel free to contact me directly:
attn: John

I'd be glad to answer any questions you have or help in any way I can.

Dell Customer Advocate

Brown English Muffin said...

yeah Dell's had so many complaints about that, I believe they have cut down on their outsourcing to India but I guess not completely.