Thursday, November 12, 2009

Boooooooo! I am sick

I have a cold!
I hate being sick!
I keep coughing, my throat is dry, my nose is stuffy....ugh!

Even though I am sick I manage to keep the house clean....
When Baptiste has the sniffles he IS SHUT DOWN, now why is that?

Anywho! I am sooooo excited! Tonight Vampire Diaries and Supernatural comes on! I love those shows! Stephan and Damon....... Sam and Dean, hey both brothers have the same initials and both the bad boys have the initials D, Damon and Dean! What a coinkydink!

I have no painting or scrap mojo! I haven't scrapped in months.
Plan to change all that!

Once I get better I am going to hit up Archivers and Michaels.....
By then my mojo will return! Hopefully!

Jaree is so excited! Why? She gets to sleep with me tonight, because the hubs is working an overnight! Booooooooooo, to his overnight! He only works one a year! But, I hate it!

Wow, this dog on televison really looks like Goldie, my dog!! I know that was random, but I was looking at televison while I am typing. LOL

Switching gears for a moment, Kids today are NOTHING how we were growing up, my neighbor told this little boy to stop playing with her mailbox and he told her "shut up bitch", he had to be all of 10 years old. I was going to say something, but had he said that to me, I would have had to take my belt off. I am from the old school and I don't play that! I will fight a kid. LOL NO RESPECT!!!!! I fault the parents!!!!! My kids would never dream of cussing and adult out! Under any circumstances!!!!! Well, I'm off my soapbox.

Until next time!


Brown English Muffin said...

why are you sick!!! LOL

That's so cute that your daughter gets to sleep with you daughter still sleeps with us every day we'll kick her out!!

Ms. Insatiable said...

I'm sick too girl. It's been 4 days and this cold is whooping my tail up and down the street. I can't take it anymore. Oh did I forget to mention that my baby is cutting 4 teeth at the same time and has an ear infection? The hits just keep coming.

Ok see, that little brat calling somebody a bitch would get his ass BEAT DOWN! I don't play that disrespecting adults. Girl I've wanted to pop many kids in the mouth for that type of stuff (but I didn't want to go to jail). LOL

Adrienne said...

Feel better!!! I'm on my 3rd day of a cold lol.