Monday, November 30, 2009

Had a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!

We had a balll!!!!!!! WE ate good! Played some games, watched some movies, and ate some more!!!!!!!! We had so much fun!!!!!!
The kids wanted their pictures taken! I took so many pics of them! They think they are MYSPACE MODELS!!!!!!

I DID the dum dum and stayed up all damn night so we could go to Black Friday ....Don't think I recovered from that yet!!!!!! Walmart WAS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!! I STEPPED ONE FOOT INSIDE AND GOT THE HELL OUT OF THERE. Target had a line for everything, if you were getting Ipod, they had a line for that, tv's yep, a line for that, video games, a line for that! Wasn't in line No time!!!!! Got in and got out! Went to Gamestop, the line was long as hell! My feet was killing me.....LOL Then we went to toys r us and the line went down every aisle like an amusement park line! The things we do for our CHILDREN......

I have been having mommy moments. My kids are 17,13, and 10 so I don't t really have any babies any more. It makes me sad. Jareee still likes toys and dolls, but not as much as she did!!!! I was bawling today thinking about it! I wish they would never grow up..... anyway, I am trying to find a good laptop for for Jariel, found some nice ones, but I have to do my research. That is going to be his one and only damn gift! LOL I try to stay to budget when it comes to Christmas, I will go all out for your birthday, because it's only one person, but Christmas I am buying for alot of people!

I really enjoy going out with my mom and sis on Black Friday! We have been doing this for years! We really have a ball! I would say for the last 15 or 16 years we have been doing this!

Does anyone else go out on Black Friday????? This year, the deals were just ok! Last year, was much better, atleast for the stuff I was looking for........

I have all my Christmas decorations out, but not up.....What's my problem, maybe tommorrow huh! We'll see

I 'm going to to leave you with a few more of my photo's from Thanksgiving!

Baptiste is going to kill me for this picture, he was MAXING THAT FOOD!!!!!!!!!! HOPE YOU ENJOYED ......



Adrienne said...

Girl get that tree up lol. I've had mine up a couple weeks lol. I just need to take pics lol. Glad you had a good holiday!

stillpatrice said...

I have done black Friday in years! Glad u got what you were looking for. And you wrong for putting batiste on blast like that lol

Kim said...

Hey Girl, my tree is only half way up. I didn't feel like it after having 25 people at my house for Thanksgiving.

I only went to Windy City for their Black Friday sale.