Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My baby thinks she's a Diva!!!! and other ramblings..

So this is a picture taken at Jariel's graduation and Baptiste's aunt Ne-Ne photo shopped a picture of Baptiste's father (deceased) into the picture and I can suuuuure see the resemblance especially with B on the right. Jariel too, but everybody knows Jariel is my twin! LOL

Jaree loves going to the shop!!!!! I think she is spoiled!!!!! and it's my mother that has spoiled her! LOL But this time her auntie Coey and Lisa took her to the shop and she is very specific about her hair, she will tell you what and how she wants her hair to look like!

Looking Like her daddy!!!!!

I love my family. Call us us ghetto but we have a balllllllllllllllll when we get together! We were toasted! and the kids was trying their best to get that punch!!!!!!! no ma'am! LOL

I literally kicked with these heffas for 4 days......started off at the Taste Friday, we acted complete fools because BBD, SALT AND PEPPA, DOUGIE FRESH, SLICK RICK AND ROB BASE WAS THERE.....WE DANCED, SCREAMED, CLAPPED, JUMPED, FAINTED, WE HAD A FREAKING BALLLLLLLLLL!

Saturday, I went to a BBQ at my cousin Tammy's huggggggggggggge house! I am so proud of my lil cousin, she came from very humble and meager meanings, but she is THE HEAD CARDIAC NURSE of Ingall's hospital and has a 750,000 house! Gone head on cuz!!!!
that is Tammy, this is taken at my parents house, she would kill me if i put the picture taken that day!!!! LOL

thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.......sunday we went to the water park, it stormed, cleared up and just before we went home I almost killed myself! but that I will keep to myself!

Thought I was going to sleep in on Monday, didn't them heffas come to my house on Monday!!!!!! Damn go home! LOL so we kicked it again!!!!!!

and yesterday I didn't get any sleep because I was too excited for Eclipse and it was soooooooo good! I will devote a whole blog to stay tuned!!!!

Bare with me, I have to get used to this whole blogging thing again!!!!!!!!! LOL

Until next time........


Ki said...

I told you, it's something wrong with you. LOL and who is the other blackanese standing in front of you on the group picture..mmmhhmmm a family FULL of blackanese. LOL

Brown English Muffin said...

So good to hear you having fun!