Monday, December 11, 2006

Still here...somewhere under boxes

I am still here.....somewhere lying under some boxes. We close tommorrow, finally! Just scurrying about, trying to pack everything! In the midst of all this chaos, I am so VERY HAPPY! I am a homeowner now! Wohoo! No more renting! We are so excited. It's been a long time coming, but we had to get ourselves together, before we took on such a commitment. The kids are soooo excited! I have been packing everyday. I HATE PACKING! I really do! I threw away so much, because I just did not want to pack it and unpack it! So did the boys! LOL tons of toys, mostly. Jaree didn't throw away NOTHING! She is such a pack rat!

There has been lots going on. Jariel had his first concert for band. He also got his yellow belt this weekend. He came 2nd place in his tournament on Saturday. Sunday Jaree competed in the STATE championship for cheerleading. She did well, looked gorgeous! She came in 3rd and won't be competing for the REGIONALS.....bohoo! The buck stops here! She was so sad, but I told her she was number 1 in my book! They worked really hard and did quite well~ Honestly I was shocked that they didn't take second, but that is life. It doesn't start back up again until January! Which gives me time to get situated with the move. Our goal is to get totally moved in next week. Which means I will be offline for awhile! UGh! I have to get everything decorated and ready for the children for Christmas, usually my tree is up the day before Thanksgiving. This is really bugging me. LOL

I am sick as a dog. I have the worst cold ever....I can't even take care of myself, the way I would like to, because we are in such a frenzy, getting prepared for this move. I haven't been sleep well either. I think my immune system just shut down and said "girl you need to sit down somewhere!", because last night, I was in bed at 8pm! I didn't wake up again until 7 this morning! My body is just tired! However, I have to keep it pushing. LOL

Today, not much planned, just cleaning, packing, laundry,some errands, nothing fun! I am going to get the latest Scrapbook Etc. to read later tonight, but that's it!

Ladies, I did do some mega shopping Saturday! The cutest Baby phat purse, black boots, new earrings, new coat, and a few shirts.....I needed a shopping fix, for my self! Did tons for the kids already, now it's my turn! LOL I had to stop myself and put some stuff back, my sister and mom, are the worst people to go shopping with, they are such little ENABLERS! My mom is a power shoper! I can't keep up, because my pockets don't stretch as far as hers do .....LOL My sister is too! I had fun Saturday with my mom and sister. My sister was shopping for odds and ends because she went on a 5day cruise today! It must be nice ~

Like I said, no big plans, lots of packing, cleaning, laundry, and packing. Did I say packing? LOL

Until next time...



Cheryl Wray said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the house!!! I know you guys are SO excited. It is a BIG deal!!!!!
Hope to see you again after you emerge from the boxes! lol

Penny said...

Congrats on your house! And on your children's accomplishments! They sure sound talented.

I hope you feel better soon! It stinks to have to to do ANYTHING when you're sick.

Lynn said...

WOW!Congrats on the new home! That is very exciting. I remember when I got my new house. The adrenline was pumping.

Sounds like the kids are doing extremely well with their extra-curricular activities. That is great.

I am praying that you start to feel better soon. I'm sure it is your body's way of say slow down a little your over doing it. Good luck

Brown English Muffin said...

a few words of advice....HIRE MOVERS!!!

The last time i moved we had family help move the boxes. We packed them all ourselves but family helped us move them.

I swore up and down that would be the last time i packed and or moved a box in my life.

I will do all the breakables or valuables but that's it!!!

em said...

Yay!!!! So, so, so excited for you!!!

Noelia said...

Congratulations on your new home! Hope you feel better soon and take some time to rest and relax.

Vee said...

congrats on your house
so exciting!!
feel better, k!!