Friday, December 15, 2006

What would I do without my bloggin' sistahs

When I first started blogging, it was something that I thought would be cool and fun! I loved to journal anyways, and I thought of it as an online journal, that could be shared with others with whom I can relate to and vice versa. Fast forward to today, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would have met the most wonderful group of ladies, from all over the world (literally), from various backgrounds, that would become my sisters' not my FRIEND. I have but one, biological sister Tracy, but through my blog I have many more.... I truly appreciate all of you guys. I have been going through some rough times and you guys have always had my back. Whether it's a comment of encouragement or receiving a rak in the mail, I am very lucky to have you all as my sistah's!!!! I woke up with this on my heart! I truly love you guys! It's amazing, how you can truly love people whom you never met, well I do. I wish all of you the best. I am excited with your accomplishments and good happenings. I truly share in your joys,we share laughter, we share tears, we share our joys and our fears. We share alot with one another.

It was funny when Adrienne announced that she was going to start her own photography business I was so ecstatic, I scream "YES!" and everyone in the house looked at me, as if I was crazy.... When Toya shows off her sewing creations, I am already thinking to myself, now when is she going to open up her own boutique "Fashions by Ms. Toya", or when Bonnie had her unveiling, I think I was more excited than she was.....LOL I just love my blogging sistah's, Brown English Muffin aka Melanie, makes me laugh until I am crying sometimes. Cheryl, Heather, Gina are always offering their word's of encouragement and advice. Melissa is the cute little sister of the bunch, so young and successful. YOu guys surely made footprints in my life and my heart and I hope we will continue this friendship or better yet, this sisterhood forever and my dream is to meet each of you one day!

I love you!
You are appreciated!
And thanks for being there!!!!


I am off to do some last minute Christmas shopping, I am trying so hard to get in the spirit, I woke up feeling refreshed this morning. Took the advice of my very good friend and sistah Bonnie, who says " There is nothing that a good cup of tea can't cure", I love her bubbly personality, such a positive person, such a real genuine person! I took a hot bath and drank some very good Peppermint tea and boy did I go to bed in a good mood. I changed my linens, gave myself a facial, and hit the sheets early. I slept all night! I feel so good this morning. So thanks Bonnie, you are right, nothing like a good cup of tea, some aromatherapy, pampering yourself, fresh linen and a good night's rest! Dh, said I slept like a tank. He wasn't too happy, he thought he was going to have a little fun last night.....LOL NOT!!!

Until next time


Anonymous said...

This post was SO sweet and SO true! Ain't it just the neatest how we get to meet such great sister friends, even though we've never actually met in person (although someday would be cool!).
So glad that the bath and the tea worked. Very refreshing indeed!
Good luck with the rest of your shopping! I think that all I have left are some friend gifts for my daughters, and a gift card my oldest dd wants to the Galleria.
Have a great weekend!

(Because Blogger is still not letting me comment without being anon.)

BonnieRose said...

Dearest Dana... so glad u are feeling better.. I love u too.. ur like the sister i wish i had... truly.. hugs ya dear friend!

Emily said...

Aw! What sweet post!!!! You Rock Dana!!!! Are we ever going to meet IRL???

adrienne said...

Awww, you are too sweet girl lol

Cheryl Wray said...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I'm lovin all my Bloggin Sisters too!!

Vee said...

awesome post!!

Brown English Muffin said...

you really are a sweet woman aren't matter how much you talk about what you'd do if someone messed with you are your're one of the sweetest people I know.

I am glad I make you laugh and if that's all I can do then I've suceeded everyone needs someone to cheer them up.

I am back from no where land desperately trying to catch up reading and I pray by the time i get to your most recent post that you have closed and moved into your new house...ok here we go..scrolling up!!!! LOL