Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Today is supposed to be the day!

Let's see what bag of tricks they will pull out of their a$$es today! I really hope they finalize whatever they need to finalize so that I can get the heck out of here before Christmas. If it does not go thru this week, then I will definitely contacting my attorney, because we were supposed to close twice already and it did not materialize. I am getting really impatient and even more angry at the fundamental disregard, this homeowner has for my time, my money, and taking kindness for weakness. I have to vacate my townhome by December 30th, which is right around the corner, which is basically around the corner. I will keep everyone posted, but this has truly been a NIGHTMARE and a LEARNING EXPERIENCE for both my husband and I. We are first time buyers and I think that because of that we are being taken advantage of ..... My mom has been a homeowner and always tells me what to do and say next....GOTTA LOVE MOMS....LOL

Some times you gotta be a BEYOUTCH for people to take you seriously.....



Emily said...

I'll be sending my prayers your way!! I really hope you are in by Christmas!! What a great gift for your whole family!!

adrienne said...

EEKKK! Hope everything works out in your favor!

MNScrapbookmom said...

Thinking of you today!!!

Brown English Muffin said...

You know I really think it depends on what state you live in.

This is my second home the first I bought in MD and I found it, bought it and moved in, in less than 1 month.

Now I'm here in NY and oh my god if I didn't have to call people every day and harrass them to do this and that and it still took forever so who knows how long it would have been if I didn't call ANYONE!!!

Ok scrolling up!!!