Wednesday, June 28, 2006

5 things I like about myself

What are 5 things I like about myself?

1. I love that I am a great listener. Sometimes, people just want to be heard and validated. I am great at that.

2. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am a good person, and I will give the shirt off my back. I am very giving.

3. I am a good mother and wife. there is nothing that I wouldn't do for my family.

4. I am adventurous. I love to try new things. I am a big daredevil.

5. I have a good sense of humor....I can laugh at myself. I love to joke around.

a few other qualities that I have is a great sense of style, nononsense personality, and fun to be around..


1 comment:

em said...

This is a wonderful list, Dana. Keep it where you can look at it whenever you are feeling down :)