Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's back

THE ARTIC ORANGE MILKSHAKE!!!! I totally love this shake. It reminds me of baby aspirin, but I still love it. I treated myself and the kids to large artic orange shakes today. It was soooooooo good. I remember when I was younger, we used to flock to McDonald's when they came back. I don't know why McDonald's just doesn't make this a permanent Milk shake!

I am still getting prepareed for my out of town guest. I have $hit load of stuff to do still. I am about to clean my kitchen and finish cooking dinner. So I can watch So you Think you can Dance. Love, Love this show! My favorite couple is Donyelle and Benji. Boy can they move!
Well, I better get off my butt and get moving!


1 comment:

Adrienne said...

I just saw this in my arbys paper....hmmm, gonna have to try it. Hope you get everything done!