Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Little Divas...

Took these pics of my daughter and my niece! They look too cute!

Jaree 7 and Aaliyah 9

My niece and daughter are like vinegar and oil. They argue and fight all the time. Yet, they cannot live without each other. Snapped this one of them the other day before they ran off to the park to get the boys. They are so bossy! They totally want to run their brother's I just could not resist taking these pics of the girls. They love the camera, so it wasn't hard. Wished my boys were like that! Taking pictures of them is like pulling teeth.

I want to take a picture of all3 of my kids for my banner. Once I figure out how to change it. Dana


Adrienne said...

Too cute!!!

melissa said...

how adorable!! :) I like your banner idea too