Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bad Habits

Wow, I have a couple of One is my spending problem. I am a total impulse buyer. I have the kid in the candy store syndrome. I want, want, want. It has landed me in trouble plenty of times with the dh. He is such a miser! He is thrifty. I, on the other hand, am anything but! I get it from my momma! LOL My mom is the same exact way! I am always in the mall or scrapbook stores.

Another bad habit that I have is staring. My husband hates this. I stare at people. Don't ask me why? I just do! I guess you can call me a voyeur in some small way. My dad used to always tell me to stop staring when I was little. I find myself doing it in my adult years too!

Another bad habit I have is forgetfulness. I will forget to lock the door, forget my keys, forget my purse, you name it. I hate this about myself. I am so absentminded at times. It's no wonder my house and car have not been robbed! They would have free access because I always forget!

Those are just a few of my bad habits. I have too many to Dana


Jenny Lilac said...

A scrapbooker who is an impulse shopper can be dangerous! 8-)

Adrienne said...

LOL, I can "sometimes" be an impulse buyer too! LOL