Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pet Peeves

What are my pet peeves?
My pet peeves
1. Leaving dishes in the sink overnight....2. dirty kitchen table3.Impatient people4. Dishonest People5. Rudeness6 Jealousy7 talking behind my back8People who don't take care of their children9. People who try to be something they are no10 Bigotry11. Infidelity12. people who drive slow in the fast lane13. Can't stand kids ears to be dirty, clean with q-tips consantly14. People who talk with their mouth full15. Leaving the toilet seat up 16. My bed must be made for me to sleep in it. If I forget to make my bed. I make it up, right before I go to bed, just to get in

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Adrienne said...

I feel the SAME way about dirty dishes!!!!