Saturday, February 10, 2007

Almost there

Update, things are slowly but surely cominng together. I am not as overwhelmed, but I still have tons to unpack. Today, I am taking a break from it all....I am stepping away from the boxes....LOL. You never realize, just how much stuff, you TRULY DO NOT NEED, until you move. I thought I purged alot while I was packing, purged even more stuff, once we moved in. I just want to live a CLUTTER FREE LIFE. Less is truly more. I want my house to be more space efficient. We decided to put only one sofa in the living room, one cocktail table, one lamp, and one silk flower....... The family room is going to have quite a bit in it, because it is the largest room in the house 32x22 . Huge! So I am putting a black leather sectional, the computer, two cocktail tables and book shelfs. That's alot but it is still nice amount of space. Our rooms are clutter free now, Since I have my own scrapbook room! YOu guys don't know how excited I am about this.....Hey BonnieRose, I know how you felt now, I need to do an unveiling huh! LOL I don't know about , but I do plan to have some crops once in awhile. I am so proud of my house. It was so worth the wait! I plan to start showing some pictures, now that it is all coming together! I got to get off my butt and take some....

I can't wait to start scrapping, which means I can't wait for our income taxes to finally get here....YOu know what that means.... A trip to IKEA!!!! Expedit books cases here I come. I decided to decorate it like a dining room/slash scrapbook room, which means I am looking for space saving and neat and tidy appearance. Any advice??? Would love to hear some. The room is a nice size, so I want to utilize it my space, but I don't want it to be too cluttered. KWIM?

Today, I am going to a baby shower today and just taking it easy. I took my first bubble bath, surrounded my candles and chai tea yesterday. I was in there an hour, felt soooooooooo damned good! The kids were asleep, dh was at his gig, and I endulged my self. I got out to fresh clean bed and climbed under the covers and went to sleep soooooo fast, I got scared! I am so pleased with everything! I am soooooo BLESSED! Jesus,has truly blessed us, and now dh is thinking of gettting into real estate he got a pre-approval letter for 275K, so he wants to buy a 2 flat.....So, I am proud of him, he is such a GO-GETTER, and being that he has never had a FATHER, or no one to show him how to BE A MAN, he does A DAMNED GOOD JOB. His father was murdered when he was just 18 months, his mother never remarried and my hats off to her, because she RAISED A GREAT MAN! KUDOS TO DH!!! wOOOOHOOOO!

I have truly missed my bloggin' sistahs and I plan to get more involved on my blog real soon. I feel a shoppin spree coming on soon....LOL



BonnieRose said...

OH yeah sister, if u have an unveiling, I want to be the first one invited.. k?? promise? smiles.. I wud love to see your new house, and meet you and your family! Your new house sounds like heaven... and that bubble bath.. wow..I wish we had a more comfy bathroom sometimes! hugs, I am so happy for you... and be watching your mailbox sistah!HUGS

Veroncia said...

I have been waiting on some pics of the new crib. Glad to hear that things are coming along.

Jamillah said...

Everything seems to be going great for you. WOW, that is really cool that your DH is trying to do something new. Wish that was contagious. Hope you and the DH have a wonderful Valentine's Day in the the new house. I know that not having Christmas there was upsetting to you. Can't wait till you show pics of the house. Have a wonderful week of decoration and purging.


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Glad to see you posting!! Things will slow down soon lol

Brown English Muffin said...

Phew you finally came up for air...but I totally know what it feels like you just don't want to stop until it's all done!!!

I can't wait to see pics...I love seeing before and afters!!