Sunday, February 18, 2007

Found my camera!!!

You know what that means...... Pictures. I am going to allow you into my home later today! It is not done, but I want you guys to get the before and after affect......OK.

Well, I don't think we spoke since Valentine's day.....LOL. But mine was great! Dh and I had breakfast and then he went to work.....I KNOW! BOOOOOOO! But I surprised him on his job with balloons, a teddy bears, candy, and silk boxers....and a naughty note......LOL When he got home, I left a trail of hershey kisses leading to the bathroom, where he went into Dana's house of therapy.....I had aromatherapy going on.....candles around the sink and tub and nice hot bubble bath, I undressed him, put him in the tub, gave him a complete pedicure, exfoliated his total body, well not everything....LOL and then proceeded to rinse him off, got his robe and slippers took him into our room where he had candles burning, more aromatherapy, soft music, and I gave him a full body massage......all in my my cutesy red get The rest is history. He will never be able to TOP THAT ONE......

We are so competitive.......It's crazy. He is going to try to out do me for something else.....LOL My valentine's present was awesome too! He bought me a single rose, with a note explaining why it was one, and he said that it symbolizes our union, and that we are one and inseperable and thought that was cute. We had breakfast and he gave me a little card, that said it's all about you on Friday, choose your pleasure and it had a 200 dollar mastercard gc. We went to Archiver's and Hobby Lobby and I bought tons and tons of stuff! I should have gone to Windy City, but I am trying to wait on all of Elsie's stuff first, because I have to get everything, kwim?

I can't wait to show you all my goodies.....

We got some good news too.....My sil is pregnant, and engaged! She is 27 years old and recently was told she would never have children and is now very much pregnant and I couldn't be more happy for her..... My mil is a little upset, because how she told her, (in an email), but hey maybe she was nervous. She's a grown woman for crying out loud, she has her own house, she pays her own bills, and very much a independent woman. I give her, her props for that. She finished college and has a great job with the City of Chicago as an accountant. So what, she's not married, they were already engaged, now they have to move the date up.....big deal!

I told her I would love to babysit, while she's at work, I really don't believe in daycare until after the age of 1. She is going to go back to work and I wouldn't mind caring for the baby at all. I would be honored. I love children. It was my dream at one time to have 9 children, like my grandmother. However, my body said, "Are you crazy", and I was only supposed to have 2 children, but was determined to have a daughter, so I was told by my doctor for "health reasons", that I should not bare any more children. It was very hard for me to make the decision I made, but I had 3 children, that I needed to raise and if I died, dh would be raising them alone. So, I made a very painful decision, and had a tubaligation. I regret it most of the time, but having another child could be fatal for me, so it's not worth it, kwim? I did consider adopting, for awhile, because it's so many children out there that need good homes and some one to love them, but I think dh is settled and content with our family compostion. Afterall, children are not cheap and he is the only one working.....LOL

I have been having a blast! Looking at home decor books, taking a gazillion trips to home depot and menards! Going to Target, and right now, I am just LOOKING! Went down town to the container store, looking at different things for my scrap room. It is so exciting, but even more OVERWHELMING. Everytime, I think I got the perfect room idea, I see something else I like better. Maybe I will be like my mom, who changes her Furniture every 5 years.......LOL She also changes every room in her house around. She will reposition furniture, she loves change! So does my dad ! They just don't always agree on how it should be! LOL It's too funny. They love to disagree!

AS you can see I am ecstatic! I feel so good! It is totally different to OWN something than to RENT! I can do what I want, when I want. I don't have to abide by anyones rules! It's just GREAT! I love it!

Can't wait for it all to come together, my mom keeps telling me to slow down! She tells me to take my time, that this is my house and I need to pace myself. It's funny coming for her, because when we moved to Lynwood, when I was 14 years old, our house was fully furnished, before we even moved in.....LOL New living room set, new dining room set, new kitchen set, new bedroom sets for everyone, even new carpet, was all there before we moved in. But, we don't have it like that, so I don't have a choice but, TO TAKE MY!!!

I am so frantic, that the kids laugh at me all the time, but they know I am happy, and it makes them happy. My youngest son said "Mommy, you love this house don't you?" I said " you can tell huh", and he said " I am glad you are happy mom, you deserve it" He made me bawl! He is soooooo sweet and loving! That's my baby!

Well, enough about me....
Stay tuned for pictures later today of my new home and my goodies ......

Also had some great mail days.....

Got my Scrapologie (Feb kit), Jenni Bowlin (Feb kit) and my Poppy ink (Jan kit, forgot to give them my new addy and I just got my forwarded mai...LOL), The Feb kit for Poppy ink will be here Tuesday......

Well have fun ladies

Until next time!


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