Monday, February 05, 2007

Can Dana come out and play?

.....I am taking a break from the rat race. I have worked my fingers to the bone, for the last few weeks trying to get things up and running, but I am still not done!!!! Gosh, I wished I was a genie! I did manage to get it presentable, but everything is still not unpacked. I am sad to say, my Baby's room (Jaree) is not even done. She's got a brand new bedroom set and bed and we have yet to put it together. Sad isn't it? We have been in here for almost 3 weeks and Jaree is sleeping on the air mattress..LOL. She loves it though. It's not a matter of laziness, it is a matter of being Perfect. I ordered Jaree's comforter set, and it is GORGEOUS. She has more pillows than bed space.....LOL. I don't want anything to go up until that comes. Cost me a pretty penny too! But, hey I only have one PRINCESS, LOL. I couldn't imagine if I had two daughers, I would be filing bankruptcy right now.....LOL

I saw the cutest shadow boxes at Target for 16.99 in hot pink, white, and red... I have plans to do something special with it for Jaree's room! Can't wait to get started on it! All of my walls are eggshell white, I was thinking of painting Jaree's room a pastel color, maybe pink or lavendar, but I am undecided....Maybe I will dress up the wall with accents and paintings. We decided to keep the walls all the same color .....I know boring! But dh loves the stucko ceilings and that would mean I would have to change all of the ceilings on the main level. Family room is white paneling.....boring....but he wants to keep it. Bedrooms are a different story.... I have been to Menards and Home Depot 7 million times and have not come home with one single can of paint! LOL Too hard to decide. I have Hardwood in all of the bedrooms and in the kitchen, the rest is carpet and tile Carpet in LR/DR/FR. Utility rooms are tile! The carpet is a champaign color, really nice carpet too and hey it is brand new, when we moved in....The house was a total rehab, and the owner had fixed the house for herself, but decided to do something different and we fell in love with it. It's not a MTV cribs HOUse, by any means, but is suitable and more than enough for our family. The family room is massive! The LR is big, the DR/Scrapbook room is huge, the bedrooms aren't too small, but not super big either! I have tons of closet and storage space, which was a problem in our townhome. The garage is massive ! Then I have full attic, that is massive. It must be nice if my MOTHER likes it, because my mom is very Particular....LOL.

I love it! I am excited. It's been a long time coming, I am 32 years old. I am finally a homeowner, and not a renter! That alone feels good! I just can't wait to get it picture perfect! I like nice things! But I am not rich, so I have to things in spurts, KWIM. We bought new furniture for the family room, we bought a massive Black Leather sectional, in which we bought all kind of animal print throws and pillows. Now I have to work on more accent pieces and wall art! This is the fun part for me!!! LOL The LR is bare, I want a red sofa, so bad, but I have to wait untill money permits, in the mean time, I have my cream colored leather loveseat in there with red throws, I plan to get a red slip cover in the mean time, until I can afford the sofa I want. Kitchen is coming togheter nicely, all I need to do is get all of my red appliances.....Doing it slowly but surely.....LOL

For those of you who asked, please contact me for my new address via email. I do not want to post it on my blog. Too many weirdos out there, KWIM? I am not speaking of you, but my blog is not private, its open to the public, I don't know who is checking in.....LOL

The kids are loving their new home, Goldie too!!!!! They are taking the initiative to clean more. They are so proud, I don't have to fight with them to do chores, they all do their part, even Jaree. I hope it lasts! LOL

My oldest Bee is so HELPFUL! He is very neat, very neat. He is also a slave driver.... He stays on Jari, and Jaree's butt! LOL He makes sure they are pulling their weight and keeping it tidy!
I hardly do anything, cleaning wise, I just unpack, do all the laundry, and cook. My son delegated duties between the 3 of them. I like that! LOL

Basically things have been going well, we had a tragic and unfortunate situation in our family, no one died, but someone was VIOLATED, in the most horrible way possible, last month, that is why I moved back home with my parents for awhile, not my mom or dad, thank God, but my sister! She needed all the family support we could possibly give! So, it's been a roller coaster. Plus other things going on too, but I don't want to get into it all, because I am UP....don't want to be down.....KWIM? Will bare it all later though....YOU KNOW ME, I wear it all on my sleeve! LOL

Well, I just wanted to touch base, let you know I am still alive and kickin.....

Until next time.


Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Dana Girl - I am so relieved to see you back in action! Was getting kinda worried there! Congrats on the new home. Wishing you lots of wonderful times there. :)

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Glad things are going good for you girl!!! Take care!

BonnieRose said...

so glad ur back>>> and hey EMAIL ME your new address!!!!!! yOUR NEW HOME SOUNDS GORGEOUS.. and hey, prayers are going up for your family and your sis.... sighs.. God is great.. remember that... hugs, bonnie

Brown English Muffin said...

omg life is just a rollercoaster and I am so happy you are enjoying the ride!!!

regina said...

What a great thing that your kids are helping out...when we were newly moved in and (clutter free) it was great! After their "stuff" began to accumulate, the vacation was ovah!