Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Getting used to my new home

......Here is where it gets a bit hairy.....or did I mean scarey...LOL I am home alone. All of the children are at school and dh is at work. No one here but me and Goldie..... He scares me to death, because he barks at anything moving, so I always think it's someone near the house. I have to get used to sounds of my house too. The furnace came on and I thought someone was breaking in on me.....LOL Shhhh....don't tell anyone. I am a big scaredy-cat! I let my imagination run wild and it seems as though I hear alot more crap when I am home alone, than when everyone is home. I got the ears of a dog! I can hear everything. Dh calls me RADAR....lol.

I am going to work in my room together. Dh still has not put the head, foot, and sideboards up to our sleigh bed. What he is waiting on is beyond me. Was it me or did he not have 9 days vacation, while we were moving, and the boys put together their own beds, so what is his deal. Don't get me started on this man, he has been rooming with Goldie for quite some time now! Yes, he is in the dog house with me ...... I guess I should feel sorry for him, he only works 70-80 hours a week......LOL I guess he deserves a little vacation huh? LOL

I am really itching to scrap. I really want to get going on some projects I have been putting off. Just don't have any where to scrap......LOL But that will all be resolved in a few weeks when we get out income taxes.........can you say IKEA 10 times really fast......LOL There will also be a trip to Windy City Scrapbooking. Boy, am I in trouble.

I also really want a new camera. I am thinking of getting the Cannon 20D, need something more reliable and to take better pictures.... Also in the market for a new laptop, since dh totally took mine over.........LOL

I want a really nice desk too! Since this is one of the focal points of the house, my scrapbook room has to look really chic....ya know. I am really excited about shopping for it. don't know exactly what I want it to look like, kwim ....I know the color scheme is going to be red, black, mocha, and cocoa brown. Now finding storage and furniture to match is going to be my challenge. I am really picky too. I don't want anything cheesy, kwim? Will definitely take my time on this one.

Today, I have to take the boys to the dentist, in a 100 feet of snow. Yes, we are being clobbered by the snow today! I mean clobbered. I was so shocked my kids school was not closed today. They are freaking nuts. Then watch they will call me later and say that the lights went out or pipe busted and I need to pick the kids up at noon or something.....I hate driving in inclimate weather. It is really nasty out. I want to just retreat to my bed and don't come out until its all over.....LOL

When I was younger, days like these I would curl up with a good book, a blanket, and some comfort food and stay in bed. That was before 3 children and a husband.....LOL I still read all the time, but I am interrupted a gazillion times.....LOL Hey, I wouldn't have it any other way, I love my family....

I sure wished I was my mom right now, she is having a blast in sunny Acapulco, Mexico for two weeks.....She's living it up.....It must be nice! LOL

Well, I gotta go unpack some more things in my room and Jaree's room. Do tons of laundry and watch The view......LOL

Until next time



Heather said...

DANA!!!! I'm so glad to see you are doing well!! Things sound great in your new home! I can't wait to see pictures of all that you are doing!

Emily said...

The worst part about buying a new house is then you want to fill it with fun new things!! We've been in our house for over two years and I'm still havn't gotten out of that stage!!

gina said...

We outgrew out house 3 months after we moved in...Decorating is SO exciting and next to creating something, I LOVES to shop!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Have fun decorating!!!!!!! ANd you will get used to the sounds lol

Lynn said...

Hi Dana, I'm so glad that you are all moved in and trying to get settled in. The new scrap room sounds like it will be wonderful when its all done. I know that you will take plenty of photos. I can't wait to see. I can't believe that you got all that snow. I hear it is heading our way. I really don't think we are getting much of it here on Long Island, I'm sure it is going to knock out upstate though. Stay warm.

BonnieRose said...

Dana, cna't wait to see pics of your new home.. and hey, take a break gf.. it sounds like u have been so busy! hugs

Cheryl Wray said...

The best and most fun (but also worst and most expensive) part of buying a new house is all the STUFF you want for it now!!Have fun!!
And, ooh, send some of that snow our way!!!

dalayney from twopeas said...

Hey girl!Do you have a hobby lobby near you? They have some really neat black and red stackable boxes that might go with your color scheme. They have linen ones and ones that look like leather...in their home decor section... try and go when they have the 40% coupon on their website. Have fun with your scraproom!