Monday, February 26, 2007

Who watched the Oscars last night

....I did! I did! I found out that the Oscars are VERY BORING....I only care about, best actor and actress, best supporting actor and actress, best film, all that other crap best costume, best cinematograpy, is sooooooooooooooo BORING, to me! I was really proud of Jennifer Hudson, wow that girl has a VOICE. Did anyone else get the feeling that Beyonce was trying to outsing her during their performance, maybe I read too much into it, but it was like "I'm Beyonce, and I can sing too, don't you forget it"....LOL

Felt kinda bad for Eddie,I thought for sure he was going to win. He really deserved it! He was snubbed out of this Oscar as far as I am concerned.

Congrats, to Forrest Whitaker, he has been in the game for years, and it is about time, he was recognized!!! I saw the LAST KING OF SCOTTLAND, and while it was brutal, it was a very good movie depiction (Idie Yamin, sp). He was a MONSTER! Wooo!

I was screaming to the top of my lungs when they said "JENNIFER HUDSON", her and Fantasia were my top 2 on American Idol, so I would have been Happy either way! I am just so thankful that she got the chance to show her talent to the world. She is soooo awesome. She is the girl next door, and that is why she is sooo loveable. So many doors are going to open for her now, and I couldn't be more happy!

Ellen is too funny! She did a wonderful job as host. I thought it was so hilarious, when she had Stephen Spielberg take a picture of her and Clint Eastwood. Too, too funny!

What was your thoughts? Interesting in knowing. Dana

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