Wednesday, October 08, 2008

6 Secrets about me

I was tagged by my good friend BonnieRose. The tag was to share 6 secrets about myself!

Ok don't think I am weird!!!

1. I am afraid of the dark. I cannot sleep without some type of light in the room.
2. I am secretly in love with LL COOL J
3. I have an addiction to purses and shoes
4. I talk to myself sometimes
5. I watch soap operas
6. I used to have a mad crush on Rick James

Ok there you have it...
You can laugh if you want to ...
because I won't hear it.......LOL

Until next time...


Adrienne said...

Number two....I'm there with you all the way lol.

Lily said...

funny you should mention LL cool J. he was on Project runway a few weeks ago and I was telling hubby that he is the pure definition of cool. does that man ever age. I went to one of his concerts in college and he looks exactly the same. yummy on a stick with a double helpin of I'd-dump-my husband-for-him-in-a-heartbeat gravy

BonnieRose said...

ok do those count??.. I already knew numbers 2 and 3.. LOL and omg.... love love love what lily said.. too funny!!!!!!!! He is adorable... with a capital A!