Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another proud mama moment

So "B, my oldest son got a call for an interview to Sonic!!! He was so excited and so NERVOUS!!! He did mock interviews with his dad and friend Michelle. He practiced and practiced and rehearsed and rehearsed. So I knew he had the job in the bag! He cames homw with this long face, saying they didn't hire him because he wasn't 16 yet. Even though they don't open until November 10th and he would be 16 November 2nd. So I was sad. He had this long face seen above.

Then he tells me he was just kidding!!! I could have killed him. That's him doing his happy dance! " you go boy, get busy!"

That's him texting all his friends to tell them the news. My baby is on CLOUD NINE!!!


On the agenda today: Being glued in front on the television at 8pm, to watch SUPERNATURAL!!! HOUSE IS CLEAN! Hooray!!


Adrienne said...

Go head "B"!!!!

Vee said...

I love Supernatural!!!! Those boys are so hot!! :) Your son looks so handsome, hope he gets the j-o-b!
have a great weekend!

Lily said...

1awww, how sweet....he's a hottie