Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Funny video and other things

This was too cute!!!
She didn't realize she was saying something innappropriate.

So we spent 2 hours in party city with Jaree ....
She didn't know what freaking costume she wanted once she got there.

All month, actually for 2 months she's been wanting to be BATGIRL. I said ok....

So we went into Party city (dreading it all the way), because this is so typical of Jaree!!! We ending up standing in this long line for to try on 5 different costumes...

And you guessed it ... She did not pick BATGIRL...

She picked the SWEET BEE.... Batgirl was toooo plain. I could have just killed this kid.

Jariel and Bee, super duper easy ...ALL THEY WANTED WAS MASKS!!!

JAREE Had to get a 35 dollar costume. Figures!!!

I don't know what I am going to do with this kid!

The kids are really excited about Halloween!

Me too. I love watching horror movies. I love looking at all the creepy stuff!!!
We always go to my mom, she cooks a big pot a chili and we have a blast!!!!

I am so excited that is on a weekend this year!!!!

well, I am off to Walmart, gotta pick up dinner and some toilet paper .....LOL

I swear my kids must eat the stuff! LOL
I buys tons of toilet paper, and they use it so quickly.

Well gotta go...
Until next time


Sarah C. said...

Cracking up from the video and costume shopping trip. As for the TP - just stop feeding those kids. ;) LOL Just kidding. Hope you all have a wonderful and fun Halloween!!

Adrienne said...

That video was funny lol. YALL CRAZY LOL