Monday, November 24, 2008

Gloomy Monday!

The sun is nowhere in sight...
It's cold
Very dismal!
The kids are at school and Baptiste is at work, and I am here all alone with my thoughts.

It's so quiet!
I know I am crazy, but I miss the noise!!! Can't wait for the kids to get out. I miss them so much!
Can't wait for Baptiste to get off work.

I get like that sometimes....

Today, I have alredy cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floor, washed the walls, cleaned my room, dusted the dressers, mopped my floor, and I still have tons more to do.

Well, not really, buecause the kids are going to help when they get home. Oh no, I don't do it all on my own, they all have their chores too....LOL

B doesn't have to do chores when he works, so I usually will take on his chore for that day! Speaking of him He got his first check! A whopping $389.83!!! He was ecstatic, it was like a million dollars to him!!!! LOL He splurged and bought himself the Motorola Krave, he has been wanting that phone forever. I told him don't spend all your money and expect, Mama to give you money....It's called MANAGE your money!!!

That phone was so damn expensive, but it was his choice!!! He could have gotten the Black Berry storm, for what he paid!!! But he has been wanting this song for a long time!!!! He does get a 50 dollar rebate though.

Baptiste got a new phone too, he got the LG Dare, they are total PHONE BOOTIES... LOL

I am going to get the BlackBerry STorm in March! That is when I am available for the upgrade. Can't wait!!! And Look at me, I was just talking about B and Baptiste......LOL

Damnit, I like that phone!!! Since I can't get an iphone, because I am contracted to Verizon, this is supposed to be better!!!!

I do have the next best thing to the Iphone, I have the Ipod Touch, atleast that is what the guy said the Apple Store....."CAN'T GET AN IPHONE, GET THE IPOD TOUCH.....LOL" And they go and upgrade the damn thing after I bought it in July!!! That just burns my ass!!! LOL Now it has extrenal speakers! And it's cheaper. Go figure!!!

I need to get the ipod speakers any way!!! I think I will go get a dock, from Sams Club. They had some really nice ones!! LOL

Well, that's all folkes...
Until next time


Noelia said...

We had one of those gray days here too. Very gloomy and sad. But I didn't stay indoors, I had a few errands to do so I didn't feel lonely.

Adrienne said...

It was the same here today too...girl you better learn how to WAIT lol

Lily said...

don't get on your boy too much. Nothing like taking that very first paycheck and blowing it on something frivolous. Plenty of time for him to save. I need a new phone also and have been debating the storm vs an iphone. I just love those iphone apps but I've always been a bb many choices!