Friday, November 28, 2008

The Aftermath: Warning Picture Heavy!!!

I had a blast!
I ate myself into a coma!!!

We threw down on the food!

Potato salad

Sweet potato pies

mac and cheese

candied yams


deep fried turkey


collard greens

My mom and sister waiting their turn patiently

The women talking

Youngsters watching tv

me getting my drink on...LOL

Now for my favorites My niece and Miss Jaree (who helped cook this year)

This is how much these girls are in sync, they dressed alike. Totally not planned. I swear!!

Me and Baptiste stuffed as a goose on the couch

the kids!!!

me and the boys

the boys playing playstation 3

My baby is so handsome!!!! I was really looking at him and he is growing out of his cute stage, he is HANDSOME. And the little girls think so too....ugh!

Now for the funny pics...Aaliyah and Jaree were supposed to be guarding the banana pudding. Well they were so engrossed in their conversation, Look at who's stealing!!! LOL So much for their little plan!!!

How the hell do you fall asleep texting.......I have no words......LOL

I turned in early so that I could wake up and go shopping, Tradition with my mom and sister. By 10:30am, we were completely done shopping and only 7 stores!!!! Woo! Walmart, Target, Circuit City, Gamestop, Best Buy, Meijer, and Macy's!!!

I am happy to report I only have a few more things to get and I am done!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!

Let the church say "AMEN"! Gone and testify! LOL

Until next time......


Adrienne said...

lol that last pic is too funny lol

MrsSaditty said...

LMAO @ Baptiste!