Saturday, November 01, 2008

Picture overload!!

Boo! Who are you?

Its my baby Jariel

We had a BLAST. I TOOK OVER 1OO PICTURES!!!! No I am not going to post them all! LOL But I am going ot post my favorites.

First off, I was really pleased with the weather. It was 71 degrees. Perfect weather for trick or treating!

Bee is almost 16 now, in fact he will be sixteen tommorrow. Yes, I know I am getting old. So he had plans to hang out with friends. I was so shocked when he showed up at my mom's house with his girlfriend Katie, best friend Andrew, and Katies bff Felicia! I was super excited!!! They even trick or treated! Made my night!

Bee and Felicia

Bee and bff Drew
Jariel thought he was the "man"

Bee and girlfriend Katie

The girls and Michael Meyers

Jaree would not take her eyes off Michael Meyers

Awww look at my babies my kids and niece and Nephew Aaron and Aaliyah

Jaree and Aaliyah . These two are inseperable. They are so close!!!! Aaliyah is actually the same age as Jariel and they are close too, but these two are 2 peas in a pod

Jaree and all her buddies!

AND THESE ARE MY ABSOLUTE FAV'S. Don't mean to brag, but I have one BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER!! She is breathtakingly GORGEOUS!! I present you..... the QUEEN BEE

Here the kids are counting their candy!!!!

And Jaree was KNOCKED OUT before we got 2 blocks from my mom's house!!

Hope you enjoyed!!!


Lily said...

wonderful photos. thanks for sharing. I feel like I was right there with ya

Adrienne said...

LOL Love all the pics! The last one is my FAVORITE LOL

Benita said...

Great pictures! I love the bee costume :)

renee said...

Girl, you have a lot of halloween scrapping to do with 100 shots. These are really great. Looks like they had a lot of fun.

sarah said...

looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

great pics!


Sandra Collins said...

fantastic photos - looks like everyone had so much fun