Monday, December 01, 2008

My baby is sick

Miss Jaree woke up this morning crying and puking her guts out!
Seems she may have the stomach flu.
Right now she is sleeping, bundled tightly in my bed.

I don't know what is about mommy's bed that makes everything ok, but she is sleeping like an angel right now.

As for me, I have tons and tons to do. The house is one big mess and I can't stand it, so I am off to do some cleaning.

No plans for today! Cleaning and watching REal Chance at Love and Scream Queens. My guilty pleasures!

Baptiste doesn't get off until 5 today, so I plan to have dinner in the oven and the house totally cleaned by the time he gets home, so we can snuggle.

That's always a good thing!!
Until next time


Adrienne said...

Hope she feels better soon!

lily said...

aww, poor thing. hope her illness is short lived. stomach flus are the worst!