Saturday, December 06, 2008

What do you give children that have everything....

I was just thinking to myself, what do you give to children that have everything...

I will admit, we spoil our kids rotten!
They have everything, Xbox 360, PS3 (which they hardly play, they use as a damn cd and dvd player...LOL, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS, IPods, they have just about everything....
Yet they always seem to be bored! WTF? This drives me nuts! They have a gazillion games. What's the damn problem?

And they will find more stuff they want and still be bored!

Jaree drives me crazy because she changes her Christmas list daily!!!

My oldest B is so easy, all he ever wants is Money!!! Which is right up my alley!

I just remind them how fortunate they are. They really are fortunate, because their are kids who don't have food to eat, let alone all the latest and greatest gadgets...

Now they inherited this from their dad!!! He is a TOTAL gadget freak and Video game fanatic!
They so did not get that from me!

I am truly blessed and they are truly blessed because I have a husband with a very stable and good job that allows me to stay home and take care of the children, and still be able to pay the mortgage, car notes, pay all the bills, and still endulge us in MOST of our wants!!!!

We really want for nothing!!!
I am fully capable of working, but Baptiste is very OLD FASHIONED and does not want me to work at all!!!!

I was just looking at all the stuff, I bought for Christmas. It's just crazy! But, I was another child who got everything they wanted, spoiled and still do this day is spoiled to the core by my parents.

Baptiste on the other hand struggled, and that is why he is so quick to give his kids anything his kids desire, because he didn't get a chance to ALWAYS get what he wanted.

My parents were pretty well off, so that was not my lifestyle.
Baptiste has been working since he was 13, just to get all the things he wanted and help his mom (who was widowed at 22 right after Baptiste was born) out. He still helps his mom out!
He is truly one of a kind! He is A GOOD MAN! I am so lucky to have him in my life.

HE never complains! About money! He just gives. And I can ask for a lot. LOL

He just does not like to be involved in the shopping! He likes to run in and out....LOL
Like a lot of men!!! LOL

We have spent so much money on the kids this year and I was thinking next year, I am going to set a strict budget and stick to it. Because I get so caught up into the frenzy, that I lose control. We have spent well over a thousand dollars for just Jaree and Jariel,still not done and I have to still get my nieces,nephews, god children, siblings, and parents gift! (Gift cards) And that doesn't count Bee's money.

I am thinking of adopting the 3 gift rule. That is what they brought "baby Jesus". I heard a lady in Target say she only get's her kids 3 gifts. I said how cool is that ! I don't think that would go over well with Miss Jaree! She seems to want the WORLD!!!!! And she has her daddy so wrapped around that little finger of hers, she gets what she wants MOST of the time...LOL

Today, I am finishing up a little shopping and hanging out with Baptiste! Nothing special. I have to the garage and get a few things I purchased out of my trunk, and smuggle them in my closet before Jaree and Jariel wake up...LOL

they are so damned nosey!

Well this is getting a little wordy....
I am about to bounce...
Until next time

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