Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Totally random Wednesday

I came across this picture and it cracks me up everytime. This was Jariel and Jaree aka Bonnie and Clyde on Easter. She was 3 and he was 5 1/2. Jaree was being nosey, while Jariel was taking his picture. I like to call the picture the PROTECTOR. It looks like he's protecting her from something. Look at his face. He looks so serious, so mean! It look like he saying, if you mess with my sister, you mess with me. Much the way he is now. Both her brother's are super duper protective. Expecially now since she is developing into a little woman, A boy better not look her way.....LOL

So Yesterday, We went out and got some more of the kids stuff, 2 games for Jaree's Nintendo Ds, Guitar Hero, and Mario Kart for the Wii, and 2 psp games for Jariel. I am just about done. I am giving my niece and nephew money so that is easy. Bee wants money. So that is easy. I get a little melancholy, becasue my kids are getting older. No more Santa! No more making reindeer food to feed the rudolf and the gang, no more standing in line to sit on Santa's lap, no more going to Toy S R us to get the special toy they just had to have...... I honestly have to say I miss that!

Jaree just pretends to believe in Santa, but I have a feeling that she does INDEED KNOW. I will never tell her that it's not. I can remember being young, I was so sad, when I found out there was no SANTA, I was 11. And my stupid cousin, showed me where my mom hid the gifts. I was crushed, but it also made me appreciate my parents more!!!! I don't think their was a Christmas that went by, that I didn't get everything I wanted!!!!! My mom spoiled us kids to death!!!!

Yesterday, I got a chance to go to Border's to get the 3rd installment of the Twilight series, Eclipse. I was a little bummed, because Walmart had it for 9.24, but I went there and they did not have it. It's not available in paperback so I had to pay 19.99 and I also got the latest installment of Somerset Memories, Paperkrafts, and another specialty magazine, put out by BHG. I think it was called Speicalty Paper Crafts or something like that. Jaree ended up getting 3 books. That girl loves to read! I tell you, she is her MOTHER'S CHILD....LOL

I watched Bad Girls Club last night and boy was it crazy. I do think they are going to have to step it up, if they want to be half as good as the first two seasons!!! Loved seaon 1. Ripsi was so funny, and Ty beat the hell out of Amy...... And then season 2 The fight between Genavecia and Tanisha....oh my goodness. This is reality tv at it's best.....LOL

Today I don't have a lot planned! Just laundry, we are eating leftover gumbo, today I will just be chilling!!! LOL

I do plan on finishing up New Moon, I have less than a hundred pages to finish and that will definietley be done today!!! I will be telling you how much I loved the book on tommorrow. I will also be starting Eclipse tommorrow!!!! Exciting times. I am sooooooo addicted to Edward, Bella, and Jacob. I don't know, I might be turning to team Jacob!!!! I kinda like him and Bella together.....LOL

I am off to go finish some laundry....
Until next time.

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Adrienne said...

Girl that pic is too cute!