Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two days before the big day!

"Twas two days before Christmas, when all through the house.....
Excitement was brewing...

I can't believe Christmas in only 2 days away!
Christmas Eve is tommorrow...

Wooooo. Time flies
When I was child it seemed like it took forever for Christmas to arrive. Not in my adult life. It sneaks up on you soooo fast.

I can't wait to see the kids faces on Thursday morning!!! They are going to be so happy! Which makes me happy.

I am more of a giver, than a receiver. Don't get me wrong. who doesn't like gifts? But just to see the smiles on my kids faces, my nieces and nephews faces, god children, parents, friends, ....
It's just plain PRICELESS!

that is what Christmas is about....giving....not receiving.
My kids fully are aware, atleast in our house, that Jesus is the reason for the season. It not all about Santa and his little reindeer!

I cannot begin to repeat how happy and excited I am.

We decided to give B (our oldest) His birthday money early. He is going out later to buy some stuff, so that "he could feel like he has something for Christmas too" Wonder if he will wait to Christmas to open it up. If I know my son, the answer is HELLLLLLLL NO! He has quite a bit of money, so I will be interested in seeing what he does with it! I am kind of regretting that I did not put it in a form of a Visa gc, instead of CASH! Because I don't want anybody trying to do anything to him! But he will be with my nephew Marion, who by the way turned 21 today!!! Wooohooo! Go boy! And don't tell anybody I AM YOUR AUNT! LOL

They are getting ready to leave to go to Best Buy, so I know it won't be clothes he will be buying. LOL It's his money and I never dictate what they can buy with it, so I am curious what he will be getting!

I have to wrap presents today, and since Jaree is gone! that girl is super duper nosey!!!! She went to my parents house until Christmas Eve. They are taking her out to eat and to see Bolt! That girl is spoiled rotten!!!! LOL

Well gotta go. Got lots to do today. I will report on tommorrow, what be picked up with his LOOT!!! LOL



Adrienne said...

LOL @ not buying clothes at best buy lol

Kyra said...

Lovely Christmas tree! Just stumbled onto this blog.

Best, Kyra