Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve

And we have a new addition to the family. I introduce you to Sugar Reese Brooks!!! Our new Calico Cat. She is so curious!

She is so cute!

We love her already!!!!

So I don't know he did it, but Bee my oldest , talked us into giving him his Christmas Cash early!!!! I normally do not do this, but he said he wanted to buy some things and the sale ended on Christmas Eve. I immediately regreted not getting him a Visa Gift Card, because It was an EXTREMELY LARGE AMOUNT OF CASH!!! But, my nephew went with him, didn't want him to get knocked in the head.....LOL
With his money he bought

100 dollar blue tooth set! I don't see how what so good, but he says it bluetooths to his laptop, ipod, cell phone, and something else......I wouldn't have bought it!!! LOL

He also bought a 32 inch Flat screen LCD and a wall mount!

Home Theater system!!!!

That's his frantic self hooking everything up in his room!
I was shocked he had any cash left but he still came home with 72 bucks. He did well with his money. I tried to tell him to wait until Christmas to open it all, but he wasn't going!!!! LOL

We cleaned until our backs hurt. The house is totally clean! Smelling good, and Christmas ready!!!

Can't wait to see my babies faces in the morning. I am so excited.



Adrienne said...

LOL Tell him to put a shirt on! LOL hahahahah MErry CHristmas girl!

Pajnstl said...

well damn can i have 1/3 of his christmas cash? lol
just asking *ahrugs*
merry christmas!