Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Monday!!!!


I had a VERY FULL weekend!

Let's see, Friday was Miss Jaree's birthday!  She celebrated 9 years on this earth.   We didn't do anything big, we just took her out to eat and we are doing something Saturday with the family.

Didn't go to the club with Baptiste, because Miss Jaree says "Mommy are you going with daddy tonight?"  I said "Do you want me to go?"  She says "Ugh, Mommy isn't today April 18th?"  I said "So, because it's your birthday you don't want me to go out?"  She says "No, but Mommy's are supposed to know that?"  


Saturday, we were SUPPPOOOOOOSSSSED to meet up with my cousins because they couldn't make it to my mom's birthday celebration.  But, my sister got stuck in traffic (so she says) for 3 hours and made us miss our reservations....and she never called my cousins, so they were there waiting all that time, and when we called ....they were less than thrilled and said "we are going to have to reschedule".  

Mom was PISSSSSEEEEEEED!!!!  Because she was on time! I don't know what the hell my sister was doing and we will never find out....LOL

So the day was not a total loss, I took mom to Red Lobster.  It wasn't  Pappadeux 's, but it was still good!

Later that day, I went to my cousin Tonya's house to drop the kids off for her daughter Keyah's birthday party.  I was suppppoooosssed to just be dropping the kids off and my mom and I stayed!  Mom left before dark, but I stayed until 1am!!   We had a ball!  All the girls were present.  I have 17 female cousins who are all in the same age bracket.  We are VERY CLOSE!   Like sisters, instead of cousins, close.   

When we were young, we all lived in the same vicinity.  Actually 9 of us lived on the same exact block and the others were 5 minutes away.  Walking distance.  So needless to say, WE NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS growing up.  It was too many of us...

My grandmother's last name is Kennedy.  So we were dubbed the "Kennedy Killers".  In my youth,  I had a really quick temper and was a real hot head and got into numerous fights.  Mainly, because my brother Marcus would 'KILL' me if I ever backed down and my sister Tracy wasn't short stopping....LOL

People learned really fast to leave me alone....LOL
I was NEVFR  a bully and I despise bullies.  Children are CRUEL.  
They try to find anyway they can to break you down, and they used to always pick on me about my height and my butt!   I am short and I have a really big butt....
And even as a child, it was big, so I used to get teased all the time...
I used to see red when I was called "an AFRICAN booty scratcher ......
silly but  it really made me upset....LOL

Anyway, we had a very good time. We talked.  We got our grown and sexy on, and I was feeling no pain, when I left.  

Baptiste didn't stay, so he picked me and all the kids up...

Sunday, was kinda a slow, but I like slow....LOL

Got up late, went to the gym.  Worked out for an hour.  Then we went to have lunch.  I came home and just sat outside for a minute enjoying our 74 degree weather, you know that aint going to last long.....LOL  Not in Chicago!!!!  

I had to shampoo,condition, blow dry, and braid Jaree's hair! Ugh!  I hate to comb hair!  Maybe because Jaree STILL does not know how to sit still.   I am on the verge of a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, every time I get in that girl's head ....LOL

Today, I am going to sit back relax and enjoy my day.  I am waiting on two packages.

One from Justletmescrapbook and the other from Scrapinstyle Boutique (Romantical kit).  I will be stalking the mail man!!!  

I have been working feverishly in my INSPIRATION journal.  I got the idea from Kelli Crowe!!  I clip unique color combinations from different ads in magazines like Vogue, Cosmo, even sales ads and then I try them in a layout.  It's really helpful!!!  

I am a magazine serial killer ....a magazine mutilator....LOL

It's fun and therapeutic...

Today I am going to get some scrapping done..
Don't have much to clean, because the kids and I did all the major stuff last night, before bed!

Waking up to a clean house is soooooooo rewarding!!! 

Now I can just sit back, relax, and get my scrap on....

Until next time


Sarah C. said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! You are so blessed to have your extended family nearby. :) Great idea about using the magazine ads for scrapping inspiration. Hope your mailman shows up soon with your goodies!

Pajnstl said...

sounds like you hada busy but fun weekend... lol @ jaree checking you!

Heather said...

Happy b-day to Jaree! Love what she said to you! No matter what, Mamas are always the special ones!