Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It's over and I wanna cry....

Baptiste goes back to work TOMMORROW....
He had 9 days vacation and they went so fast!

We really enjoyed each other these last few days!

The weekend was really busy though..

Friday he dee-jayed a party and that was a hoot! Oh, the life of 21 year olds....
I hope I didn't act like that when I was that age....just a mere 4 years ago (LOL)

Saturday, we went to House of Kobe for My sister in laws birthday, then we went to our next door neighbors VERY BRIEFLY for their anniversary party, then from there we went to the night club where dh dee-jays

Sunday, was the most wonderful person in the world's birthday....MY MOM, we celebrated with family and friends at Red Lobster... All women.

We have a birthday club, so to speak ,where we all get together at the honoree's restaurant of choice, and we pay for the birthday girl, and split the rest of the tab. It's really nice! We were there for 4 hours! I know they were ready for us to go a long time ago.

My mom had a blast, will post pics later.

Baptiste took the kids to the Zoo Sunday, and get this....He took pictures of ANIMALS ONLY....

I said "Honey these are some great pics, but where are the kids?"
He says "I didn't think about that until I got in the car....

What a rookie!!!!!

So, next time, they will have to go with mommy!!!!!!!

Yesterday, for me was a total day of relaxation...

-Hot bubble bath
-Chai tea-
-Snuggled up with hubby to watch a movie
-Read the Artful Blogger from cover to cover and I sooooo love this magazine, I smell a subscription coming on....

-Watched dancing with the stars!!!!

I was in bed by 10, and sleep by 10:02....LOL

Today, dh and I will take in a movie and enjoy his last day of his vacation.

I am so going to miss him guys....
We have been like a new teenage couple....LOL

Until next time


Sarah C. said...

Glad you two have had a fun time this past week! Sounds very busy but a good busy. :)

Brown English Muffin said...

Ah this sounds soo sweet!