Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Wednesday and I have lots to say...

Meet the newest member of the Brooks Family....NIBBLES!!! Jaree the animal lover, wanted a guniea pig for her birthday and since she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger, her wish is his command.

She reminds me of that little girl on the Wild Thornberry's!!!! She loves animals!!! looks like a furry rat to me!!! But she's just a baby! She will get much bigger!!! Jaree lets her crawl all over her. I couldn't do it! LOL

Finally my Romantical kit came in from Scrap in Style. I love everything in this kit....Though light! I love it!!! Love those hambly silhouette rubons...

Cute glitter

Love the lace ribbons and pearl hat pins

Loving the black board chipboard letters

Look at the cute key

Individual shots of each piece of paper, we got 2 sheets of each

This is by far my favorite piece...Love that vintage couch in the left corner

Here is the kit as a whole! I love it!!

My order came in from Just let me scrapbook and here are my Tim Holtz crackle paints in all of its glory, bought doubles of each color

More Hambly....

Had to get these Hero ARt tree stamps after seeing an Article in Creating Keepsakes...
I got some Jenni Bowlin stuff too, don't know why I didn't take pics, but it was just some tickets, some journaling rubons, and some shaped journaling cards...
Oops found the pic, it was at the end I just cut and pasted it up here...Can you see the tickets and the journaling cards and rubons??? This was not a good pic!!

Finally some some pics of the kids in their Ed Hardy

Bee is so in love with himself....He said mom don't forget to get a pic of my fresh Mikes (aka Air jordan gym shoes, he is soooooooooo vain)

Jaree didn't want to cooperate, and I was in no mood to fight, but you have a small glimpse of her jacket

Jariel was soooo full of his self on this day baby. He thought he looked so good. The kids went to my little cousin birthday party and baby he thought he was the FRESHEST thing there. He was!!! LOL

He told me to make sure I got the J'S too! that's slang for Jordans in this case "Jordan ones"

He likes the back of his jacket, can you tell?

Bee with his good friend Andrew

And last but not least MOM!!! My mom looks damn good for 64 years old doesn't she!!! We look so much alike it's frightening. I tell my dad all the time "you have NO GENES" I did get his long finger, his toes, and his curly hair!!!

Yesterday, I got a chance to swing by Borders...I picked up the latest copies of Scrapbook Etc and Simple Scrapbooks. I already bought the latest CK. I was in search of the latest copy of the Artful Blogger, but was unsuccessful. Guess I will have to try next week!!!!

Today, I have to get some laundry and cleaning done. I told dh to take the power cord to my IMAC with him and bring it home on lunch and here I am on my dell!!! I have to stay away from the computer!!! I have to clean my room, mop all floors and wash 4 loads of laundry...

All because of that dang blasted IMAC!!!

And guess what , I can't wait until 1pm, so I can get my power cord!
I am pathetic! LOL

Until next time!!


Staci said...

Love that kit! The pink and blue paper are cute!

Adrienne said...

My kids want a gerbil NOPE!!!!! lol

BonnieRose said...

great pics! Ur family is adorable!

Pankaj said...

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