Monday, January 23, 2006

BRRRR it's cold!!

I really cannot complain, because the weather here in Illinois has been wonderful. I absolutely hate being cold. My husband always talks about me in the winter, because I come to bed in full body pjs, sometimes a sweatshirt, and big wool socks. Guess that's not sexy...haha! But I cannot stand to be cold, especially my feet and my hands. If my feet is cold, my whole body is cold. I always drink tons of tea, capuccino, and hot chocalate in the winter. I love my big quilts too! I put my head under the cover, until I get warm!

I am dreading going to pick my hubby up from work, because it is cold out! I wished I would have never taken the car! I would much be snuggled up in bed with my pjs, mywoolies, and my quilt reading my book! But, instead I have to go pick my snuggle bunny up from work. Can't wait until my oldest starts driving. I will be stoked!

Can't wait to get back home, get in bed, and get some reading done!
Until next time!

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