Thursday, January 26, 2006

I am turning into a hermit!

I don't know if it's the cold weather or what? But, I have retreated to my home. I do not like doing anything that involves going outside of my house. I can't even really blame it on the weather because its truly been mild here in Chicago, but I just hate to go outside. I am usually always on the go, but now I hate it. The problem is, I hate getting up dressed! I love my sweats and pjs! They are so darned cute and comfy! When I do go out, my hair has to be done, clothes ironed, make up done, even if I go to the grocery store. I think that's the problem. I am dreading tommorrow, my hubby has a gig, and one of his co-workers is having a birthday party at the club he dj's at and he really wants me to go. I WANT TO STAY HOME IN MY PJ'S!!!! But , I guess I will have to give them up for one day. I hope he does not decide to stay for long, because I want to come home and do some reading and scrapping. I have not accomplished much of my, but I have been doing alot of scrapping and tons of reading.

My mother asked me if I was depressed and I said "No", not really. I don't think I am depressed, just comfortable at home, in my own skin, doing me! I "KICKED IT", enough and now it is so time to chill! I don't mind the occassional going out, but when it becomes habitual, I can't do that anymore. Guess I am getting old!

My husband calls me Granny ma, because I am usually dozing off at about 10Pm, and I nap alot! I am just tired. I am up with the kids at 6am, getting them off to school. The last child leaves at 8:05am, I don't go back to sleep. I try to accomplish a few things like laundry or any left over dishes. Then by that time, I am too wired to go back to sleep. So at about 7pm, I am dragging my feet because I am just freaking exhausted. But I always make time for him, if you know what I mean..hehee! So he shouldn't be complaining. I really got that man spoiled. He wants all of my time. He is worse than the children!

I guess I will be getting out soon, because I love going to the movies and When a Stranger Calls and Final Destination 3 are all coming out next week, so I will most definitely be going out to see that!

until next time

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